mafi flagshipstore Linz

"We understand our floors as walks on art, which were created by Nature and refined by us. That's why we decided on the Gallery concept." explains Markus Hessenberger, Store Manager in Linz. 

"We attach great importance to personal, in-depth advice for clients. This includes giving a selective overview and working out favourites together with the customer." explains Friedrich Fillafer, CEO of mafi.

"Pictures hang from the ceiling, designer furniture decorates the open spaces, a lounge corner invites discussions. Only at the second glance were the over 100 guests aware that it's actually a showroom for natural wooden floors here.

On the 16th January 2014, mafi opened its first flagship store in the emerging Marienstrasse at No. 9, in the centre of Linz. The room concept shows very clearly that it's possible to exhibit 100 products in 80m2 and still created a relaxed and clearly arranged atmosphere.

The coloured frames around the large sample areas act as a distinctive recognition feature. In the centre of the room is a module which displays about 80 large sample boards.

"Our flagship store is not only the focal point for the classic house builders but also for professionals such as architects and Carpenters. This open concept we have already successfully pursued in Salzburg, Vienna and Graz."

A mafi flagship store is a single brand store of the mafi brand. Customers are provided with a wide range of different products as well as in-depth expert advice.

The design follows the mafi corporate identity. The showroom concept is like a gallery with wood samples on the walls and large areas installed with natural wooden floors. Typical  characteristics are the colourful wall presentation frames and a central module for individual product samples. mafi flagship stores have a minimal appearance to allow the customer to have a focussed look at their favourite products without being formally limited to the selection.

Aside from being the point of contact for end customers, mafi flagship stores are also centres of excellence for architects and professionals who, along with their clients, can take advantage of the atmosphere.

mafi flagshipstore Linz
Marienstrasse 9
4020 Linz

Phone: +43 664 825 23 34 or +43 664 8537740

opening hours:

Wed / Thu / Fri 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 18:00

or by arrangement
parking lot available