mafi flagshipstore Salzburg

In the design quarter Neutorstrasse, more specifically at Neutorstrasse 26, you will find our mafi Salzburg flagship store. On around 100m² you will find over 100 different samples, 7 products of which are displayed across large sample areas. Great hint for clients with cars in Salzburg: we have three parking lots available for our guest behind the building. 

Our flagship store reminds us more of a gallery than a typical showroom. The design concept was chosen based on a reduced, less cluttered approach and with a focus on consulting. Important interior design architectural issues, such as the reduction of the mix of materials, are core elements of our considerations. Thus, interior doors, ceiling panels, wall panels, shelves and even the kitchen are made of mafi materials. We like to inspire our customers, show possibilities and offer more than the typical wood floor producers. 

In the showroom, there are over 100 mafi sample plates - a full-featured exhibition of the mafi portfolio. On large wall surfaces, of two times one meter, you can also marvel at such mafi highlights as on the different floor surfaces.

The showroom in Salzburg itself was, in its time, one of the first flagship stores worldwide. Having moved in the meantime to the design quarter Neutorstrasse, the store in the City of Mozart also serves as a representative location for events, training and of course consulting appointments. The mafi Salzburg flagship store is a contact point for end-customers, specialist dealers as well as architects and designers. 

A mafi flagship store is a single brand store of the mafi brand. Customers are provided with a wide range of different products as well as in-depth expert advice.

The design follows the mafi corporate identity. The showroom concept is like a gallery with wood samples on the walls and large areas installed with natural wooden floors. Typical  characteristics are the colourful wall presentation frames and a central module for individual product samples. mafi flagship stores have a minimal appearance to allow the customer to have a focussed look at their favourite products without being formally limited to the selection.

Aside from being the point of contact for end customers, mafi flagship stores are also centres of excellence for architects and professionals who, along with their clients, can take advantage of the atmosphere.

mafi flagshipstore Salzburg
Neutorstrasse 26
5020 Salzburg

Phone: +43 662 878878
Mobile: +43 664 8537747

Opening hours:

Mon / Wed / Fri 10:00 - 13:00 and 14:00-18:00
Sat: 10:00-15:00
or by arrangement