„Architecture is really about wellbeing. I think that people want to feel good in a space.”

Zaha Hadid

The role of wood in interior design

How can interior design create spaces where people like to spend time and that make them feel good? The choice of the right material plays a key role in this.

Wood conveys this feeling almost automatically. This natural material speaks directly to our primal instincts and ensures relaxation and well-being on the conscious and even more so on the subconscious levels. This effect increases the more direct the interaction with the material wood is.

mafi natural wood floors offer the maximum in naturalness far beyond the pure look of the wood. We specialize in preserving the natural properties of the wood and therefore avoid using unnatural finishes. Instead, we use natural oils that dry in the air and thus penetrate deep into the wood.

Your advantages at a glance

Direct contact with wood
Improves the indoor environment
Purifies the air indoors
Latent scent of wood
100% formaldehyde- and VOC-free
Can be repaired quickly and locally
Chemical-free cleaning with soap and water


SEE   .   FEEL   .   SMELL


Trust your senses and feel the difference!

A wealth of variants in design and application

mafi natural wood floors want to inspire you.

Colors and structures

We offer a very broad portfolio of different, sustainable types of wood as well as colors and designs. Based on the natural appearance of the wood, we also create modern and innovative surfaces such as Fresco, Carving, and Riva.

For floors, walls, stairs, and much more

One can use mafi as a wooden floor in practically all interior spaces, from private areas including bathrooms to highly frequented public spaces in hotels and restaurants. In addition, our boards can also be used on the wall or ceiling and thus help reduce the mix of materials. We complete our range from a single source with stairs, window sills, and table tops.

The mafi standard and our quality promise

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