The alternative to OAK . mafi COR ASH

At the start of 2018, mafi Natural Wood Floors is bringing out a floor for all those in the market who want a very durable wood floor, but are tired of looking at Oak floors.


New colours

The mafi COR ASH is available in completely new colours, which so far have not been found in the mafi collection. Due the base natural colours of the Ask wood, the plank surfaces are available in grey oiled, graphite grey oiled and natural deep white which provides an exciting colour spectrum between grey, brown and almost white wood floors.

As hard as a baseball bat

In terms of hardness and robustness, the Ash is just as good as Oak. Not for nothing is this the reason why Ash is typically used in the production of baseball bats. The mafi COR Ash is offered in a low knot collection and impresses purely by its clearly visible wood grain.

Long, wide and stable

This parquet flooring is available in the mafi typical lengths of 1800/2000/2400mm. The width ranges from 155, 185 to 240mm. The COR Ash is produced, like all mafi natural wood floors, in a symmetrical three-layer construction and is therefore very stable and ideal for installation on underfloor heating.

The usual easy care

The COR Ash can be wiped with the corresponding mafi wood floor soap in combination with warm water. Thus, cleaning and care are combined in one work step. The soap not only prevents the floor getting dirty but also acts preventively against slight signs of wear.

Maintenance for graphite grey oiled surfaces (BKA)

Maintenance for deepwhite natured surfaces (BTZ)