New surface - deep white natured (BTZ)





Light floors have long since outgrown the trend stage, and can now best be described as an established genre. The new mafi natural deep white surface creates an almost snow-white surface without losing any of the natural feel of the appearance of the wood.

Naturalness despite intense colour

mafi natural wood floors follow the clear premise of direct contact between wood and man, as well as maximum naturalness of the surface. This is why all mafi natural wood floors are, in the course of the surface finishing with natural oils, air-dried, which allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the wood but leaves no isolating layer on the surface. As a result, the positive characteristics of wood are preserved and one just walks on wood and not on a layer above the wood. The new natural deep white surface once again enables this balancing act between the clear colours of the wood without losing the natural look and feel.

New, exciting areas of application

Such bright floors can be almost arbitrarily combined. On the one hand, an oasis of light may be created by combining the light floor with other bright colours. On the other hand, contrasts can liven up any space or structure. According to taste, the natural deep white surface can be used as a hard break or as an accent in the room concept.

Colour-stable and easy to clean

Another advantage is the robustness of the surface colour. This white reduces the influence of direct UV radiation on the natural material wood and remains very colour-stable with regular care using the mafi wood floor soap white. Care and cleaning is no different than with any other mafi natural wood floor. The floor should always be wiped with the original mafi wood floor soap white and warm water.