NEW mafi rough saw texture planks

This latest addition to mafi's range impresses with a fine, handcrafted character. The design is inspired by sawn boards and features fine lines created by the saw cut. The direction of the cut marks is rotated 90° to the length of the planks. In addition to the visual effect, the surface is characterized by its robustness. Fine, softer wood fibers are removed, with the remaining elements being hard and resistant.

The rough saw texture look and its effect on your space

Looking at the surface, the rough saw texture has a special spatial effect. On the one hand, the lines are only clearly recognizable upon closer inspection and offer interesting detail. Design concepts such as the modern country style or the industrial look go perfectly with this wood design.

On the other hand, the sawing pattern runs at a 90° angle to the length and grain of the planks. The lines continue irregularly from plank to plank, optically equalizing the dominating length of the planks and making the room appear wider.

The rough saw texture look and its effect on humans

The new surface option also makes a tactile impression. The plank has a fine, but still noticeable structure which is particularly pleasant to the bare feet. This is where design and technology come together to do their magic. Thanks to the air-dried oil surface, there is no layer of finish between your feet and the wood, which, combined with the rough saw texture surface, makes for an experience of pure nature.

Rough saw texture hearkens back an earlier time when boards were hand-sawed from logs. The result of this processing method are harder planks with fine lines. This special type of wood surface even increases the resilience of the wood.

Applications for rough saw texture wood floors

Restaurants and the hospitality industry: as already mentioned, wide planks in the farmhouse style with a rough saw texture surface are particularly robust and resistant. This makes this product particularly popular in high-traffic areas.

Shopfitting: stores and high-end trade fair booths also like to use rough saw texture wood, both for the resilience and also the trend towards creating small living room-like spaces for customer consultation.

Private properties with a barefoot guarantee: making wood tangible was and is our goal. The rough saw texture surface makes this goal an easy one to achieve. Wherever people can come into direct contact with the floor, our new product exudes its charm. Whether for yoga, in the bathroom, or your own wellness oasis, life on mafi natural wood floors means living with real wood.

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