Customer consultations during the Coronavirus pandemic

Many countries are currently tightening the measures against the global Coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, visits to showrooms and exhibitions are not possible in many places. We would therefore like to offer you three options to continue to support you in choosing your perfect wood flooring.

Free sample order including shipping

In addition to their appearance, mafi natural wood floors also represent the wonderful unadulterated, natural feeling of wood and the interaction with people.

It's therefore particularly important to “grasp” our floors in the truest sense of the word. We therefore offer free sample shipping. Just send us a short email with your desired floor and the corresponding shipping address.

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Consultations by phone or video call

The floor is the largest piece of furniture in the room and provides the basis for every furnishing concept. Choosing the right floor is therefore a key issue, and we are here to support you with advice and action during this time as well.

Of course, we offer you the opportunity to reach us by phone, but also to hold a consultation appointment via video call. Simply send us your desired date and time by email and we will then coordinate your appointment for you.

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Use our online offers

Our website offers you different approaches to find your dream floor.

The consultation tool uses your input to check which floors are suitable for you. Depending on the input, the selection of floors is adapted until at the end a small selection is offered to help you meet your needs.

Our references come from all over the world. Be inspired by different furnishing styles from different cultures and discover your favorite flooring in real-life projects.

Is your goal primarily about attaining right play of colors for your project? Our color overview provides you a perfect overview of our natural tones.

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