Floors with slip-resistance class R10, R11 and R13

Slip-resistance classes and their importance in public projects

One of the most important factors for floors in public spaces is their slip resistance. For this reason, floor coverings need to be carefully checked beforehand for assignment to the various slip-resistance classes from R9 to R13. R9 represents the minimum requirement for slip resistance for public spaces, while R13 is considered the standard for industrial floors. In detail, the classes are defined as follows:

  • R9 stands for a low coefficient of friction and is recommended for normal private use; sure-footed up to an incline of 3° to 10° on the inclined plane.

  • R10 stands for a normal coefficient of friction, sure-footed up to an incline of 10° to 19°; recommended for spaces that need to be barrier-free.

  • R11 stands for an increased coefficient of friction; sure-footed up to an incline of 19° to 27°.

  • R12 stands for a large coefficient of friction; sure-footed up to an incline of 27° to 35°.

  • R13 stands for a very high coefficient of friction; sure-footed on inclines of over 35°.

Source: baulinks.de



One of the positive properties of wood given by nature is its tremendous slip resistance.

This slip resistance results from the more or less structured surface of this natural material.

In order to maintain this property, mafi planks are not sealed with wax, varnish, or UV oils, but are instead brushed and then finished with natural linseed-based oil. The oil is given sufficient time to penetrate deep into the wood and to supply it with nourishing fats from the inside out.

What remains is a surface with even additional slip resistance that has a pleasant feel and feels wonderfully warm to the soles of bare feet.

Among many other pluses, mafi natural wood floors achieve slip resistance classes of R10, R11 and even R13.

By brushing and oiling the wood, mafi planks achieve considerable slip resistance values of R9 / R10 and brushed oaks even hit R11. The floors in the Domino collection even reach values up to R13. This puts mafi at the forefront of the industry in terms of slip resistance.

This is precisely why mafi natural wood flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas such as in hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars, where slip resistance and robustness play an important role in the choice of flooring.

mafi natural wood floors offer the perfect basis for a carefree shopping experience, a pleasant vacation, or a cozy dinner out.


The floors of the entire Domino collection are at the forefront of safety, with astounding slip resistance values of R13, making them particularly popular in restaurants and the like.

Guests and service staff both benefit from a pleasant, yet safe surface.
The risk of slipping due to food that drops on the floor of the restaurant or the kitchen is readily counteracted with such a highly slip-resistant natural wood floor.

Domino floors are not manufactured in a symmetrical three-layer structure like the other natural wood flooring from mafi; instead, they come as 40 x 40 mm solid wood squares.
These many small end-grain blocks are then glued to mesh resulting in finished laying elements that measure 400 x 200 x 19 mm.

The result: an extremely robust and hard-wearing natural wood floor with tremendous slip resistance.

Slip resistance is important not only in public and heavily frequented areas, but also, of course, in private homes. In addition to the already slip-resistant oil surface, our brushed oak floors deliver Class R11 slip resistance.

Everyone wants to be safe and feel good in the living room as well as the bathroom and kitchen.

Families with small children in particular attach great importance to a non-slip floor for the little ones to romp around and crawl on. But our four-legged family members don't like slipping either. Surfaces with smooth surfaces put our pets at risk of slipping. Often their claws also leave unsightly scratch marks on the surface, which will later darken heavily in precisely these spots.

Brushed and oiled natural wood floors, on the other hand, make everyday life much easier for family members at risk of falling and ensure a secure step throughout the home.

Conclusion: Anyone who walks on a mafi natural wood floor does not have to be afraid of slipping and can enjoy non-slip, healthy flooring that will last for a lifetime.


A special kind of haptic experience: oiled and brushed wood floors in your home bathroom.
No other material creates as much hygge as wood. So it's no wonder that natural wood floors are increasingly making their way into kitchens and bathrooms. The natural material wood is now even being used not just as floor coverings, but also being installed on ceilings and walls. The high humidity in the bathroom supplies the wood with moisture, which the plank absorbs and, thanks to its open pores, releases back into the room.
With a wooden floor in the bathroom, you benefit not only from extreme comfort, but also from a healthy indoor climate.

Thanks to the natural finishing with natural oil, the surface of the board remains open-pored without leaving an unpleasant greasy film. Rather, the natural surface and its slip resistance is retained. You can confidently step out of the shower or directly out of the bathtub onto the natural wood floor without fear of slipping. Due to the open pores of the wood, the wood feels pleasantly warm and velvety on the soles of bare feet.

This experience, which is already very positive to the touch, is enhanced by various 3D structures that are milled into the wooden surface. In the mafi Fresco collection you will find a number of floors with patterns in wave shapes or geometric lines, which create a strong visual  effect while pampering your feet with a massage every morning and evening.

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