Wood floors in bathrooms

The motto is oasis instead of bathroom, the purpose is rest and relaxation.

The bathroom is now more than just a functional space for personal hygiene. The average size of bathrooms in new private homes has doubled over the past 15 years. The bathroom has become an oasis, a place for rest and relaxation.

And this is where choosing the right flooring comes into play. Tiles definitely have their advantages, without any doubt. But coziness is certainly not one of them. That's not the case with wood floors. Indeed, wood floors have become the latest trend in bathrooms and they do work,  provided you choose the right product and surface treatment.

Let us explain.

Wood floors in a bathroom? These two factors are decisive.

First, we have to start with the material itself. Wood is by nature a material that can absorb water and release it again. In times of high moisture absorption, the wood increases its volume; then its volume reduces when the moisture is released. These changes cause the wood to swell and shrink; if attached, this can cause the floor to move. This applies in general to indoor spaces, but especially in the bathroom.

So we find that the critical factors are the moisture exchange in the wood and the resulting instability. But by constructing wooden floors in a certain way, these two factors can be counteracted.

What solutions do mafi natural wood floors offer regarding moisture and stability?

mafi natural wood floors are naturally oiled and air-dried. This allows the wood to continue absorbing moisture and, just as important, release it again. Lacquered, waxed, or UV-oiled wood products can't do this.

The second factor is how mafi limits the movement of the wood. The structure of the plank is crucial. mafi natural wood floors use a sandwich structure with the same wood in the same initial thickness as both the top and bottom layers. This symmetrical structure greatly reduces the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wood. In addition, the planks when used in bathrooms are glued to the substrate with permanently elastic adhesive. 


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3-D surfaces and real wood under your feet

In general, thanks to the symmetrical plank structure and the air-dried oil finish, all mafi products are suitable for installation in bathrooms.

The special mafi surface also offers another barefoot-friendly advantage over lacquered products and tiles. The oil penetrates deep into the wood and does not adhere to the surface. This keeps the wood warm and as pure as possible.

In addition, mafi offers special 3-D surfaces available on different types of wood. The texture "massages" the stressed soles of your feet and can be a real design feature in any room concept.

Wall, ceiling, and bathtub cladding

It doesn't always have to be the floor. Wood generally creates a feel-good atmosphere and can also be used on the walls or ceiling. All mafi products can be attached using battens. If combined with matching flooring, you can create a uniform, coherent finish.

Bathtubs or small pieces of furniture can also be clad with the same material as the floor. It is important to keep the mix of materials small and to incorporate related elements repeatedly.

Rest and relaxation with materials that are good for your health

The bathroom as a place of rest and relaxation also sets new standards for materials and what they contain. The focus here is to create an indoor climate free of as many toxins as possible. Furniture or building materials may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or formaldehyde that can be released into your space. It's often the adhesives that are at fault.

mafi natural wood floors are VOC- and formaldehyde-free. Our adhesive consists of vinegar, water, and lime.

But our floors do even more. Not only are they free of toxins, they also have a positive and cleansing effect on the indoor climate. Once again, this due to their open-pore surfaces which allow the wood to regulate and filter the moisture in the room. Particularly worth mentioning here is the Swiss stone pine, the natural oils of which trigger relaxation and even save some of the heart's work. 

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Wood in its unadulterated form as found in mafi flooring is not a good breeding ground for viruses or bacteria. All you need to do is wipe mafi natural wood floors at regular intervals with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. This accomplishes both maintenance and cleaning in a single go.

The fat contained in the soap cares for the wood and strengthens the wood fibers. This means fewer dents or pressure marks. In addition, the soap has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

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