Natural wood floors in the bathroom

Breathable wood floors by mafi

mafi natural wood floors can be used without hesitation in bathrooms thanks to their natural finishing with oil.
Oiled floors "breathe" better, so the floor can absorb water and also dissipate it again into the room.
The oil penetrates into the floor and hardens there. Due to the oiled surface, mafi floors have the ability to absorb moisture in the bathroom and to release it in the drying process. This has a positive effect on the room climate.

Dripping water is no problem

Water, which drips from the body after leaving the shower or the bathtub, is no problem for a mafi floor.
Thermo treated mafi floors (Vulcano) have an extremely low swelling and shrinkage behaviour and are therefore more resistant to water. The mafi Fresco Collection offers a 3D surface especially for barefoot areas.