Natural wood floors in bedrooms

Best recuperation & relaxation with wood

Sleep provides recuperation and rest. Natural wood can contribute to this, as a study by the Johaneum Research proves.
The Swiss Stone Pine was the focus of scientific investigations in sleep and relaxation rooms. The long-term study confirmed the significant influence of furnishing materials on physical and mental health.
During sleep, a significantly better quality of sleep was shown in a Swiss Pine wood bed compared to a wooden decor bed. A better night’s rest goes hand in hand with a reduced heart rate and increased body energy during the course of the day.

Health through wood floors

The average "savings" in the Swiss Pine wood bed amounted to 3,500 heart beats per day, which corresponds to about an hour of heart work.
A natural wood floor is a visually attractive and easy way to include a large area of healthy wood in the bedroom. The room climate is markedly improved by the porous surface and regular care with soapy water.