Natural wood floors in the kitchen

Wood against oil & red wine

The kitchen is certainly considered one of the most demanding rooms in the whole house. The biggest challenge for the floor is the contamination with a wide range of liquids such as hot oil, fat, red wine, vinegar, and much more.

We are prepared: the oiled and thus porous surface of a mafi natural wood floor is crucial. Liquids are initially absorbed by the wood, but can be washed out again using mafi wood floor soap and warm water.

The wood floor soap has a high fat content that binds to liquids and dirt of all kinds and in combination with warm water is simply washed out. Regular care with the wood floor soap intensifies this effect.

Porous surfaces can be cleaned easily again and again.

Lacquered parquet / hardwood floors

Sealed (lacquered) surfaces hold their robustness only as long as the sealing itself. As soon as any damage is present, these spots can no longer be cleaned and black spots occur.