Cook on art: mafi natural wood floors in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of almost every home and plenty takes place there every day. Whether it's a leisurely breakfast with the family, a cup of coffee with friends, or getting together to cook a meal, most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen every day. That's precisely why it needs to be furnished to create an inviting and pleasant atmosphere.

And what better way to do that than with real wooden floors? Robust, natural, and healthy, wood floors from mafi can readily cope with all the challenges of everyday life.

Resistant and easy to clean

In a kitchen that is used frequently, the floor is exposed to boiling water, splashing grease, and food and drink stains every day. Resilience is the top priority here. When choosing flooring for their kitchens, many people automatically turn to tiles or something synthetic, in the hope of having chosen a surface that is easy to care for. In terms of everyday suitability, however, wood floors are in no way inferior to other materials.
On the contrary: they even offer advantages and opens up previously unimagined possibilities.   

Care and cleaning in a single step

Whether jam, grease, juice, or wine, stains are part and parcel of everyday kitchen use. Regular maintenance with warm water and mafi wood floor soap cleans the open-pored surface of the planks and prevents stains. Due to its relatively high fat content, the soap even removes deep stains with a single wipe. You get double the bang with mafi wood floor soap because it strengthens the floor's antibacterial effect and thus provides additional protection against germs.

Open-plan kitchen/living spaces: holistic design with consistent flooring

A natural wood floor is a real feast for the senses. No other material looks so elegant while being so cozy and comfortable as wood. Large spaces especially benefit from this. In the case of open-plan kitchens where the kitchen and dining area flow into the living area, plank floors also create a consistent style where invisible walls disappear and the various zones harmoniously and seamlessly connected to one another.

Unlike older styles, this kind of interior design uses the same planks throughout the space to open it up and create a visual expanse. In open space concepts, a mafi natural wood floor is state of the art, no doubt. Whether oak or larch, light or dark, the company from Upper Austria can manufacture solid wood elements such as tables and furniture fronts to match the respective floor design on request and round off the ambience harmoniously.

Tiles vs. real wooden floors: pleasant to stand on and warm

Wood not only impresses with its elegant look, but also feels incomparably pleasant. Instead of sealing lacquers or waxes, mafi only uses natural oils for its wood products. This maintains direct contact with the wood and creates a unique barefoot experience that mafi accurately expresses as “walking on art.” In addition to the pleasant walking experience, standing on a wooden floor also feels particularly positive.
Compared to tiles, wood floors are less hard and cushion body movements better. This makes them easy on the back and joints, making hours of fun in the kitchen possible.

Hygiene and indoor climate

Because they are finished with natural oils, the planks also retain their healthy living, indoor climate-improving properties. The natural wood floor thus filters pollutants from the air and regulates the humidity in the room. Natural wood also has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. So if the PB&J does fall on the floor, the three-second rule can be extended a little. Odors are also broken down and neutralized more quickly thanks to the open pores of the wood. 

Tried and tested internationally: let yourself be inspired by real kitchen projects

mafi's international references prove how well natural wood floors work in the kitchen. Around the world from Austria to Italy to Australia and the USA, the natural wood floorboards adorn the floors of city apartments, country houses, and luxury villas. If you want to cook and dine in style while staying healthy and carefree, choose mafi natural wood floors for your kitchen.

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