Natural wooden floors in living rooms

Wooden floors for the centre of the house

The living room is the centre of the house, where playing children, hilarious pets and others meet.

For high-wear areas, we recommend using hardwood (Oak, Ash, and Nut) or robust conifers (Larch, Douglas Fir). In this context, apart from simple cleaning and regular maintenance, in particular the hardness of the wood plays a role in avoiding more dents and scratches.

mafi natural wood floors are finished with natural oils, which helps retain the regeneration ability of the wood. Give the floor time and small traces of wear disappear by themselves. 

Body temperature wood floors

mafi floors enhance the planks from the inside out, and not just on the surface. This has the advantage that people are in direct contact with the wood and thus always find a body temperature surface.

The wood does not dissipate body heat as quickly as with sealed, plasticized surfaces. Therefore, mafi natural wood floors are especially popular in living areas.