Wood floor in living room

Naturalness, tranquility and security - no other material embodies these qualities in such a way as real, natural wood.

The living room is the perfect blend of personal retreat and social gathering place. This is where we relax on the couch after a long day at work or spend time together with friends and family. This feel-good area should therefore have a cozy appearance and at the same time present itself at its most attractive to guests.

At mafi, the high-quality natural wood floors not only impress with unique designs and coziness, but also score with enormous stability, 100 percent naturalness and ease of care.

The many advantages of oiled mafi natural wood parquet

A wooden floor is the ideal basis for a stylish ambience, which invites us to relax and spend time together every day. Regardless of the lifestyle, a real wooden floor is also a guarantee of healthy living and well-being.


  • High-quality hardwood floors provide a timeless foundation for interior styles that change over time.

  • mafi natural wood floors can be repaired selectively and do not necessarily have to be replaced.

  • Easy to maintain: Regular wiping care is sufficient, because in this case care and cleaning are done in one step.

  • mafi floors are demonstrably healthy for the home and provide a better indoor air climate.

  • Natural real wood parquet neutralizes unpleasant odors.

  • Open-pored wood has a relaxing effect on people and animals and is good for the body and soul.


Sturdy wooden floors for the heart of the home

In a space as busy as the living room, the floor is also subjected to a lot of stress. This is where the children play, the dog and the cat romp across the parquet, and for special occasions the floorboards even come into contact with high heels. This applies a lot of pressure on the floor.

However, the natural wood floors from mafi are proven to be extremely hard-wearing and resistant due to their material-symmetrical structure consisting of three solid wood layers.
Top and back layers made of the same wood with the same thermal treatment guarantee enormous dimensional stability. The natural movements of the wood are enormously counteracted by this high-quality plank construction.

Details that make the difference: Oiled wood stairs and ceilings

Ideally, everything should come from a single source - that's the motto when it comes to modern interior design. Thus, only a handful of various housing materials are carefully selected and combined with one another. Stairs, walls and suspended ceilings are coordinated with the floor in the same wood look and form a harmonious basis for the rest of the interior.

Which wood should it be?

Domestic, soft coniferous woods create a friendly and inviting effect and are no longer used only for traditional furnishing concepts, but increasingly also for modern room concepts.
Robust woods such as ash, walnut or oak impress with their enormous resistance and exciting appearance.
The extensive mafi portfolio offers the right floor for every design concept. This means that nothing stands between you and your own four healthy walls.

Simple maintenance and spot removal of stains

Unlike sealed floors, where stains and dirt are usually difficult to remove because you always have to treat the entire surface, a wooden floor proves to be very easy to maintain. If a mishap should nevertheless occur, red wine or coffee stains can be easily removed with hot water and pure soap due to the open-pored wooden surface.

Care for the floor is just as simple. Regular wiping with water and the proven mafi wood floor soap not only keeps the floor clean, but even scratch-free. And best of all, over the years, it builds up a tough, resilient surface.
Wiping not only adds moisture to the wood, but at the same time the high fat content of the soap also allows broken wood fibers to swell again. What remains is a warm, pleasantly velvety surface.

At rest at home: Cozy living room as a source of inspiration:

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