Robust and non-slip floors for the foodservice industry

Natural wood flooring parquet: for a distinctive ambience

Nothing is as cozy as wood. Nothing is as inviting as wood. This realization is gained by anyone who has ever spent time within four walls with natural wood parquet. Especially for restaurants, venues for enjoyment and indulgence, natural and genuine parquet is a huge added value for guests, but equally for employees.

The advantages that natural wood floors offer are many:

  • An oiled parquet floor conveys warmth and a sense of security.

  • Open-pored mafi natural wood floors have been proven to contribute to a healthy, noticeably pleasant indoor climate.

  • Natural wood floors neutralize unpleasant odors.

  • Oiled mafi parquet is non-slip and always allows you to walk safely.

  • The open-pored surface, which does not require varnish or wax and remains completely natural, allows for spot repairs with minimal effort.

  • mafi floors are undemanding companions that get by with regular, simple wiping with mafi wood floor soap.

  • Due to the high-quality symmetrical three-layer construction, mafi natural wood floors are enormously hard-wearing and robust.

Enormous stability thanks to high quality board construction

In addition to the beautiful, high-quality look of a natural wood floor, mafi parquet also scores in terms of stability and is therefore predestined for high-traffic areas such as restaurants or bars. How?

As is often the case, it's all in the details. Our natural wood flooring is manufactured in a symmetrical three-layer construction. The special thing about this is that the wear layer and top layer are always made of the same material, with the same thermal treatment. The middle layer is made of a flexible, soft conifer that yields to the natural movements of wood.

This enormously high-quality floorboard construction makes the board dimensionally stable and perfectly counteracts occasional swelling or warping of the floor.

mafi parquet in three words: Natural. Stable. Genuine.

Real wood parquet with slip resistance classes R10, R11, R12 and R13

Safety first - safe performance guaranteed: mafi parquet is among the best in the industry in terms of slip resistance.

Wood is ingenious, this cannot be mentioned often enough. For instance, one of the inherently positive properties of wood is that it is extremely slip-resistant. In order not to lose this enormous advantage, mafi therefore deliberately avoids oil-wax mixtures or varnishes, which would only seal the wood surface and create a correspondingly smooth surface.

Instead, each board is finished with natural linseed-based oil. What remains is an open-pored, highly slip-resistant surface. In terms of numbers, that means impressive slip resistance classes from R10 to R11.The mafi end grain floor from the Domino collection even reaches values up to R12 and R13.

Proven healthy indoor climate thanks to real natural wood floors

Man and wood - a perfect symbiosis, when it is best to leave this natural material untreated.

We are very similar: humans as well as wood feel most comfortable at a humidity of about 40% - 60% at temperatures around 21° C and when we are allowed to remain as natural as we are. In order to leave the natural wood board natural, it is only oiled. The natural oil is also given enough time to penetrate deep into the wood to protect it completely all the way to the inside.

What remains is an open-pored surface that can continue to breathe - just like our skin.

This finish allows the board to absorb moisture from the room and release it back into the room. Thus, the natural wood floor acts as a natural air conditioner, which has been proven to contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Natural wood floors: easy to clean and repair

Cleaning, maintenance and repair of mafi parquet is for one thing, above all, simple and natural.

Because the oiling of the board, which preserves the open pores of the wood, allows it to be spot repaired or cleaned. Thanks to oiling, there is no unnatural coating on the floor, which would be destroyed by any local stain treatment. Therefore, local touch-ups are possible without any problems.

With conventional parquet, which has been lacquered or otherwise coated in order to be ostensibly considered "practical", the entire surface must always be treated in the event of any repairs.

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