Differences in the understanding of the design of wooden floors.

“Nature is our best designer” - this quote from our CEO Friedrich Fillafer best explains the mafi philosophy. mafi natural wood floors are made of the entire tree and combine added value with sustainable product design for the customer.

What are designer floors?

The design of mafi natural wood floors is defined by the raw material and the optimum use of the resource of wood. At the same time, our design must also bring added value to the customer. The use of the entire tree is at the centre of our thoughts. A tree trunk consists not only of filleted pieces without knots, but instead you will find many different parts within the wood and each with its own exciting, natural facets.

A good example of this is the floors of the Coral Collection. Here, slats with natural cracks are used, manually re-worked and filled with coloured putty. The floor gets a modern look, the putty colour can be freely selected by the customer and the result is an exceptional product. Another example is our Carving Floors, which reveal an extensive overall image using different patterns across several planks. Even narrower planks can thus get an impressive appearance.