The facts: 

  • Finishing with natural oils 
  • Bonding of the three solid wood layers with white glue
  • Time factor as a quality criteria

The advantages: 

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • no VOCs
  • ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • optimum hygiene

Products and their ingredients have effects on people, the environment, our well-being and even our health. Therefore, mafi opts for the highest ecological standards and produces natural wood floors purely with wood, white glue and our natural oils.


mafi floors are formaldehyde-free and have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is mainly attributable to the chemical-free finishing with natural oils and the composition of the wood glue for bonding the 3 solid wood layers.

Natural oils without VOC

mafi wood floor oils are based on linseed oil and contain no significant drying accelerator. A fast drying of the oil on the surface is not the intention behind the production of mafi parquet. Rather, it aims to allow a deep penetration into the wood without leaving a layer on the surface. With enough time and careful application of mafi wood floor oils, the wood therefore remains open-pored, breathable and harmonises with the human skin

White glue for bonding

A so-called white glue is used for bonding solid wood layers to the mafi plank. This is made from water, coal, chalk and acetic acid, and without solvents which could cause allergic reactions. White glue health hazards are not known.


Advantages in practice - better room air

The aforementioned open-pored surface has the ability to absorb higher amounts of moisture than with sealed planks. Through regular care with mafi wood floor soap and warm water, the room climate is sustainably cleaned and improved. The wood absorbs the water in its pores and dissipates is as moisture using the room temperature. The result is a proven improved indoor climate. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics benefit especially heavily from this diffusion-open characteristic. In Australia, mafi floors are also certified by the "National Asthma Council".

The hygiene factor

Hygiene also benefits here. mafi floors are cleaned with warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap. The warm water opens the pores of the wood and allows the power of the soap to really work. The high fat content of the soap binds to dirt and this can then be removed very easily. The wood floor soap also has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect. At the same time, it works as a refresher for natural wood floors. 

Expert Tip: 
"Fast drying and curing within a few minutes is achieved mostly with chemical additives. mafi relies, however, on natural oils, which still dry in the air within 24 hours and without pollutants."