Wood floors for every furnishing style

One thing is certain: you have style and a feel for trends. Because you are interested in the most stylish of all floor coverings: wood floors from mafi. But which is your style: industrial? Mediterranean? Seaside or farmhouse? One thing is clear: you'll find the right flooring here with mafi natural wood floors.


  • Available for every style
  • A wide range of woods from maple to pine
  • Which style is yours?
  • Wood floors are a mega-trend
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Available for every style

Interior designers, furnishing consultants, builders, and homeowners around the world love our selection of wood floors which offers so much more than just a solution for every furnishing style. Each style has its idiosyncrasies, with certain materials or colors being almost mandatory to guarantee a successful implementation of that style. mafi has specialized in developing high-quality, healthy, but equally flexible wood flooring products. As a result, we offer a huge portfolio that can go with or contrast with many furnishing styles. Over 35 years, mafi has provided natural wood floors for at least XXXX rooms around the world in a wide variety of styles.

With styles ranging from Scandinavian to Mediterranean, from seaside casual to urban industrial, and even pop art, for this page, we have taken a closer look at nine of the most popular furnishing styles and selected matching flooring products in various colors and species such as oak, larch, maple, and fir .

A wide range of woods from maple to pine

The result is about 130 possible combinations and we are sure that you will come up with many more! It's a good thing that your home probably doesn't have just the one room. You can show off your style (or styles) with mafi wood floors in your living room, bedrooms, hallway, kitchen, and even bathroom. mafi wood floors are also ideal for laying on top of underfloor heating. Our oiled wood floors handle the special challenges of kitchen and bathroom environments perfectly. Speaking of caring for your wood floors: for some, the most beautiful thing about the wood floors is the effortless cleaning thanks to mafi's own wood floor soap. Incidentally, mafi wood floors' advantages are valued not only in homes, but also in many offices, hotels, and restaurants.

Wood floors are a mega-trend

Whichever style you prefer, whatever room you want to furnish: with wood floors, you never have to worry that one day they'll be out of style. mafi wood floors are perfect for some of the most important interior design megatrends:

  • Individualization: mafi helps you find the right flooring for any style.
  • Nouveau ecology: mafi has always stood for wood from sustainable sources, not using woods from tropical forests, avoiding hazardous chemicals in its finishes, and being produced exclusively in Austria.
  • Health: our pollutant-free, oiled wood floors make a valuable contribution to a healthy indoor climate which especially benefits allergy sufferers and asthmatics.
  • Aging in place: we're all living longer and healthier lives. Wood floors are long-lasting, healthy, comfortable, and easy to care for and are the perfect choice for aging in place at your current home or in modern living concepts for senior citizens.

Wood and wood flooring are an important aspect to such design trends as biophilc design which strives for a natural design of our urban living spaces.


Whether industrial, farmhouse, pop art, or your own one-of-a-kind style, mafi wood floors let you follow your individual taste. Be inspired by our website. We'd also be happy to advise you personally!