Colonial style

Colonial style - just what is it?

"Historical style of the former European colonies in America."


Dark wood, exotic flowers and light natural materials such as linen, rattan or leather, characterise this historical style. Furthermore, leather lounge chairs, wooden bowls, banana leaves and Vintage style trunks are gladly used in this furnishing style. Souvenirs from around the world, wall-sized maps, old metal cases, globes and fabrics make for unusual accents in the living room.

Unfortunately, tropical wood is still used in combination with the Colonial style furnishing. We at mafi are deeply committed to using native woods, which thanks to our thermo treatment are also available in very dark tones, instead of using tropical woods.



Colours and patterns:



The Colonial style plays with colours and patterns of different styles, such as floral Paisley pattern from Great Britain, Asian flower motifs, graphical representations of Africa or French Toile-de-Jouy Design.

These are based on the cultural acquisitions from all around the world, such as those brought back to Europe by discoverers like Columbus, Marco Polo, Humboldt and their successors.

Floors fitting to the Colonial style

Thanks to the many influences from different cultures, a very unique style has been created which is found in many different homes. Colonial furnishing is therefore cosmopolitan.

This of course, allows many options when choosing a floor. Often, dark brown tones up to almost black surfaces dominate. Here, mafi offers a real alternative to tropical wood with the Vulcano Technology. With the use of wind, heat and water noble brown tones are created from light local wood types - completely chemical free and above all with no side-effects on our rain forests.

Another integral part of the Colonial style is the herringbone installation. mafi is the expert in large size planks which with their herringbone installation unfold their effect in salons and airy rooms.

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