The right floor for the modern country house style


  • A natural, modern living trend - country house style
  • Which materials comprise excellent country house style?
  • Dominant colors in country style
  • Country house style - from modern to rustic
  • Down to earth - mafi natural wood floors in country house style
  • Different widths - the parquet laying method for the country house style
  • A reduced mix of materials for more comfort
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Escape the stress of everyday life and flee to the countryside - that’s the dream of many people in hectic, urban times. Fragrant orchards, shady woods and sparkling lakes promise fresh air, deceleration and relaxation. In order to instill this flair in your city apartment, one often only needs a few accessories. Slowing down, sustainability and places of retreat or relaxation make the country house style increasinly attractive.

mafi natural wood floors underscore natural and ecological aspects and are guaranteed to be real eye-catchers. The new vintage or shabby chic style can also be combined with the classic country house style. Overall, the country house style ensures a pinch of country air in every room, even in city apartments. But what materials are used for this style of furnishing? Which wooden floors go with it? And which colors hold the upper hand? Learn more about the country house style.

A natural, modern living trend - country house style

Generally speaking, there’s no clear definition of the country house style. Because this can create cosiness in the most varied of variations. Maritime accents such as blue and white tones combined with earthy shades dominate in France and Italy, for example. England is known for pattern fabrics with a checkered look, whereas in the Scandinavian countries minimalism tends to prevail. Interiors in Austria and Germany are based on country villas and farms in order to achieve the country house style.

Country house style has its origins as early as the 18th century. At the time, it was common for the upper class in Britain to have a second residence in the country. However, the so-called “country houses” were even more pretentious and kitschy than the trend today. These served above all for writers and artists as an oasis of relaxation and leisure time, to clear their minds and summon the muse again. Then, as now, country house style features an idyllic, relaxing and close to nature feel.

Which materials comprise excellent country house style?

Natural materials are used for the country house style. The most characteristic material is wood, paired with stone, linen, leather, ceramics, as well as flowers and plants. These form the framework for the popular furnishing style. The contrasting ambience that is created is special and defined. Solid wood combined with delicate bouquets of flowers appear carefree and inviting.

It has been observed in recent years that this furnishing style is moving away from the rustic and is being infused with modern elements - conceptually speaking, this is a modern or new country house style. The implementation options of country house style are diverse and the interpretation of varies. In any case, the focus is on nature and creating a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Dominant colors in the country house style

Be it the (country) house by the lake, a British cottage or an old-style apartment in a country house - this furnishing style introduces nature into the room. Natural colors and traditional patterns such as checks or floral motifs characterize country house style and emphasize the cozy charm. However, in order not to regress using color combinations that are too pale or weak, fresh accents ensure a varied look.

Natural colors as well as a restrained dark blue or a strong red are arranged with classic wool white or metal tones to create a cozy and rustic style. If you want something more subtle, you can use neutral earth tones such as beige and brown. Gentle attention-grabbing eye-catchers are created by using soft pastel shades such as old pink, light yellow or baby blue, which lend a very special charm.

An additional personal note is provided using different color nuances of the wood. Be it a classic, warm larch or an oak that creates a new atmosphere based on the different branch variations, whatever the case, a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere is created by installing natural wood floors from mafi.

Country house style - from modern to rustic

The authentic country house style is becoming increasingly popular, especially with its newer variants. The vintage style, shabby chic or a so-called used look combine the rustic furnishing style with a playful charm and exude a cozy look in the room.

Heavy, massive furniture and filigree decorations are classic elements for the authentic country house style. Large pieces of furniture are primarily associated with the rustic furnishing style. The cottage charm is also conveyed using a wooden floor and smaller decorative elements. The combination with natural fabrics put the wooden floor in the limelight and the country house style is achieved even without massive vintage furniture.

Security, warmth and a nostalgic charm. In order to implement the country house style, however, it’s not always necessary to use rough, solid materials. The modern country house style incorporates the latest stylistic devices. Natural, oiled wooden floors or furniture made of light wood with visible structures are characteristic of the modern interpretation. Straight lines and simple room elements are chosen instead of flourishes and decorative elements. It’s a mix of styles that also likes to incorporate old pieces of jewelry and make them real eye-catchers. A modern and elegant style is created, which presents the variety of the cozy look.

Down to earth - mafi natural wood floors in country house style

This style is ideal to pursue due to the diversity of the mafi wood flooring collection. The most diverse types of wood with branch variations create a completely new atmosphere in your own home, you feel as if you are in a country house and can breathe the scent of local needles and deciduous trees. Ideal to get a clear head and start again. The positive room climate and the subtle wood smell are achieved through the open-pored, natural finish of the floors. The wood unfolds its full fragrance especially after cleaning the floor.

Visually, branches and distinctive properties of the wood belong to the country house style. A heavily brushed variant is also popular for the parapet in order to enhance the feel of the surface. Naturally or white oiled surfaces dominate the oils. The boards are mostly large-format, at mafi you will find these floors under the heading “Wide planks with lengths up to 5m and widths up to 300mm”.

Country house style combines traditional furniture with a reduced, yet authentic wooden floor. Solid furniture is set in scene with a natural wood floor made of pure oak or plain ash, creating a contrast between rustic and reserved. The lightness of the wooden floor ensures that a fresh atmosphere remains, despite the heavy wood furnishings.

Different widths - the parquet laying method for the country house style

Naturalness characterizes the country house style. This is also highlighted by laying them at different widths. The result is a unique floor that stands for sustainability. Mafi is known for its sustainable management of resources. When processing a tree trunk, different widths and lengths are created. In the past as well as today, these can also be processed in flooring. The country house style in particular features a natural lightness. The different dimensions embody their own charm, which creates a stylistic and down-to-earth overall picture.

A reduced mix of materials for more comfort

A lot of cosiness is ensured if many spatial details are made of the same wood material. Combining walls and doors with the floor creates an extravagant country house style. A reduced mix of materials underlines high-quality design concepts and creates a feeling of security in every room. Using wood as an identity-creating material brings aesthetic and tasteful properties and can be perfectly combined with the country house style, as this is characterized by wooden elements.

Country style primarily stands for a cozy atmosphere, whether in an authentic or in a modern interpretation, and at any rate creates an ambience that exudes warmth and cosiness.


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