Country House style

"Take a pinch of country air into the city apartment."

To escape the stress of everyday life and head into the country - that is the dream of many people in hectic times. Fragrant orchards, shady forests and sparkling lakes promise fresh air, slowing down and relaxation. To bring this flair in the town-house, it often takes only a few accessories. To get the classic country-house look, one can also combine the new Vintage or Shabby Chick style. ´

Normally, natural materials are used. Stone and wood combined with plants and cheerful colours create the framework for this popular Country House style. In recent years, we can see that this furnishing style is moving away from the rustic look and is being enriched with modern elements, and this is being called the modern or new Country House style.



Colours and patterns




Fresh pastel shades, natural colours and traditional patterns such as Plaid or floral motifs, complimented with fresh accents such as stripes, spots in vibrant reds and blues, are all features of this style.



Floors fitting to the Country House Style

Due to the diversity of the mafi wood floor collection, this style is ideal to pursue. The various types of wood with knot variations produce a whole new atmosphere in your own home, so you feel like you are in a country house and you can breathe in the fragrances of local pines and deciduous trees. This is ideal to get a clear head and start again. The positive room climate and the subtle smell of wood are achieved by the porous, natural finishing of our floors. Especially after mopping the floor, the wood unfolds its full fragrance.

The Country House style has visually striking characteristics of the wood and many knots. In order to strengthen the feel of the surface appearance even further, we rely on a heavy brushing with our brushed version. Oiled versions are dominated by natural or white oiled surfaces. The planks are usually larger dimensions, and you will find these floors under the name “wide planks” with lengths up to 5m and widths up to 300mm.

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