Pop Art and 60s style

""ife is hard enough; hence our retreat should be colourful and cheerful."


This style is reminiscent of a bubble gum machine - colourful, surprising, full of childhood memories, and reflecting the 60s and 70s years. This style brings ease and nonchalance into the apartment, with the look being complemented by restrained furniture.

It sends the message to be different and to try something. No subtle colour accents but instead striking colours bringing ease into the living room, this is Retro-Pop.

Bright colours are supplemented also with quieter, large surfaces. Because only this balance leads to the necessary harmony, which makes a real style from a firework of colour - this is Pop-Art.

Colours and shapes

Wood furniture from the 60s is experiencing a comeback in this style. The design from 1950 to 1970, which is being taken up again today, was marked by expressive colours, unusual shapes and daring designs. The modern retro style is not only about copying the old style, but also skilfully mixing the classics of yesteryear with contemporary design.

Energetic, innovative, experimental - these are the keywords that best describe the shapes and colours of this style. Organic forms find their place here and are combined with the colours cream white, natural and black.

Floors fitting to the Pop Art style

The skilful combination of the old and new Pop Up or Retro style is an art in itself and challenges us humans. To make it somewhat simpler, you can leave the wood floor in a natural tone and combine colourful accents. Thus, the floor stays in the background and provides the basis for the room as a work of art.

The Coal OAK collection offers an exciting variant. In this parquet floor, the existing cracks in the wood are harmonised and filled with colour. The customer can freely choose the colour. For the Pop Up style of the 60s, this is a perfect way to combine high-quality parquet with your own style. The floors of the Carving Collection offer a further eye-catcher which fits to Retro Pop.

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