Vintage style and Shabby Chic

How does the Vintage style look?

The terms Shabby Chic and Vintage style often go hand in hand. Especially in the furniture sector there are many overlaps.

Shabby Chic is a literal translation but in fact this style is far from shabby, being instead a skilful mixture of heirlooms, flea market bargains and home-made items.

This style emerged in the 1980s in Great Britain and was originally a non-commercial backlash to the inclination of the upper middle class, who were able to afford expensive Victorian style interior furnishings. This style is modelled on the furnishings of big, old country seats.

Vintage is often defined as objects which are second-hand, or at least have the appearance of being so. A patina is de rigueur.


"Old but gold. "Make new from old."

Furniture with natural signs of wear

In the Vintage style furniture segment, there are old heirlooms with natural signs of wear, furniture from flea markets renovated in a Do It Yourself way, and new furniture with artificially induced signs of wear.

So beautiful: scratched surfaces, visible layers of multiple paint, seemingly raw and rough wood.

Floors fitting to the Vintage style

"Do It Yourself" - this is the latest trend, which is currently in great demand and used often. For this reason, the Shabby-Chic and Vintage style are so popular. Not infrequently, new furniture is purchased and designed to look as if they were many years old.

Generally, one can distinguish two ways to choose the fitting floor.

1. Choosing a floor based on the existing Vintage furniture

First of all, it must be said that mafi floors have a very long lifetime and usually last for several furniture cycles. Thus, when choosing the floor you should keep the future in mind. For Shabby-Chic furniture, the mafi CORAL, TIGER OAK and CARVING collections are ideally combined. CARVING is a specially developed mafi technique which gives the floor various pattern structures, and is thus ideal for creating the "used look".

2. Set a contrast and choose a timeless, reduced floor

Here, the OAK Clear or the OAK Molto are suitable, to name just a few. A quiet grain and virtually no knots create a warm, authentic atmosphere without being intrusive. Ideal for skilfully bringing the furniture to the forefront.

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