Made in Austria

The facts: 

  • Manufacturing exclusively in Austria
  • Two factories within 12km
  • A third-generation family business

The advantages: 

  • Tailor-made in Austria
  • Transparent production
  • Quality control from wood purchase everything in-house
  • High legal standards
  • Over 100 years’ experience in wood processing
  • Security and passion of a family business

Transparent origin

The origin and production conditions tell a lot about the product itself. mafi produces exclusively in Austria, to order and individually for each customer. The innovative production system allows maximum flexibility but with a quick production time. A large proportion of the products can be produced in four days. mafi makes no secret of its production facilities. The mafi headquarters is located in the countryside, situated at the foot of the Kobernausser Forest in Schneegattern. Here there are the management board as well as the entire administrative apparatus of the family business. The production facilities of mafi natural wood floors are right next door. Here, mafi's diverse portfolio is created from the wide range of raw solid wood slats.

Only 12km away mafi operates the second, upstream production facility. The wood drying, sorting, and slat preparation is done here. From the delivery of wood, all processing is done in-house right up to the finished parquet floor. Only in this way can mafi ensure the highest quality standards and also always evolve and improve. The wood itself comes from sustainable forestry in Central Europe.


Family business with tradition

In general, Austria is a country with a long tradition in wood processing. But also in terms of quality and sustainability standards, Austria is a pioneer. With the Imperial forestry law for the Austrian Crown lands dating back to 1853, Austria has probably the oldest forestry law in the world. The idea of sustainability was formulated therein, so that for every tree felled a new one must be planted. Behind the mafi brand is a family business from Schneegattern, Upper Austria, which has processed wood as a material for over 100 years.

mafi started as a small sawmill, which then evolved from wood ceiling production into the brand for natural and stable natural wood floors. In the course of the production line, mafi opts for regionality and is an important employer in the region. Short distances, established collaborations, familiar processes and fast response times are the advantages of this on-site network. In the end, exactly this holistic approach leads to a high product quality and family values such as trust and unfailing reliability.


From Austria into the world

Worldwide, the reference portfolio now ranges from Mexico, Qatar, and Moscow via Monte Carlo, South Africa to New York and London. Also, design-oriented celebrities such as Claudia Schiffer, Giorgio Armani or Luciano Pavarotti trust in mafi natural wood floors. mafi has realised a wide variety of projects with start architects such as Sir Norman Foster, Dugally Oberfeld, Gensler Architects or Legorreta Más Legorreta.

Expert Tip: 
"Question the origin of your wood floor. The origin of the wood, the way it is processed and above all the materials used have direct influence on the quality of the product and also on your well-being."