mafi stands for sustainable and natural wooden solutions - LPC certified

mafi is an Austrian family company that specializes in the production of high-quality and completely ecological natural wood floors.

We offer both:
a healthy product and improvement for living spaces in one.

Our 100% pollutant-free natural wood surfaces are typically used as flooring, but can also be used as stair treads as well as wall and ceiling cladding. The wood remains unadulterated and breathable, allowing it to have a positive effect on the indoor climate and atmosphere.

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Natural wood surfaces: genuine and unadulterated

At the core of mafi's philosophy is direct human contact with the natural material wood, because this contact has a positive effect on all our senses, whether we're at home, at work, or in a restaurant.

We decided early on to go our own way with our production. We don't think in terms of how many board feet we can produce a minute. Instead, we invest more time to get an authentic wood product that people will appreciate and even cherish for decades to come.

Air-drying oiled surfaces takes time, but it is the most natural method for finishing wood!

Our manufacturing process focuses on finishing the surfaces with natural oils and then drying them naturally in fresh air. This causes the oil to be absorbed into the wood while leaving an unadulterated surface. At the same time, the wood can still absorb and release moisture and remains breathable. The self-regenerative and antibacterial effects of the wood are also preserved.

mafi therefore stands for wood instead of plastic, for natural color instead of artificial, and for unique quality instead of interchangeability.


mafi and the journey of the living product challenge

The Living Product Challenge (LPC), which is run by the International Living Future Institute, is the most advanced sustainability certification for products today. The program re-imagines the design and construction of products to function as elegantly and efficiently as anything found in the natural world.

The thought of mafi taking the Living Product Challenge (LPC) certification was a logical step. Mafi as a company has operated in a responsible way for over 101 years. The LPC does require a great deal of effort including gathering information and research into our suppliers as well as prove our dedication to the environment. The steps we needed to take to fulfill the stringent requirements put forth by ILFI were challenging.


The effects of wood on people and space

Wood is one of the materials that thrives in a symbiotic relationship with us humans. It affects us humans on many levels and improves our general well-being and health.

In order to exploit its full potential, the wood must not be covered with countless layers of finish, but must instead be preserved in an unadulterated state with open pores. The best way to do this is to refine it with natural oils, which can dry in the open air as they penetrate into the wood.

Room climate

Wood and indoor climate are often mentioned in a single breath. This is because open-pore wood absorbs moisture and releases it again. This improves the air quality inside your space. The ideal air humidity for humans, animals, and wood is 40-60% at 70°F. Paints and varnishes, however, prevent this exchange of moisture. Only open-pored wood surfaces have this effect.

The effect of wood on the human senses

Wood is pleasing to our senses. Its look is undisputed. What is interesting, however, is how seeing it interacts with our primal instincts. Humans have always associated wood with warmth, retreat, and comfort. Oxidatively oiled floors also affect our sense of touch and smell because we are living and working directly on wood without artificial barriers. You can feel the grain and always experience a surface that feels warm to the touch. Unadulterated wood surfaces, such as those from mafi, also smell of wood. Especially after a wet wiping, the wood gives off its pleasant smell that we automatically sense as positive.


"Unadulterated wooden surfaces are stylistic choices that can optimize spaces for all our senses and for our health."

Third party verified: certifications and partnerships

mafi offers both sustainable and natural wood products for indoor use. We firmly believe that the future of building and living will have to  be based on these principles. That is why we have been following this path consistently for over 100 years.

In addition to our own development, we also depend on outside expertise to help us question and measure ourselves. That is why we work with different institutions and certification programs. It's important to us that we do not take the easy path of paying to win, but instead measure our products against high and strictly applied qualitative criteria.

The ILFI, the Australian Asthma Council, and Mindful Materials are just a few the organizations we work with in this regard.


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Stable, natural and healthy - our products

Our product is essentially a plank that is manufactured in a symmetrical 3-layer structure. The symmetry offers maximum stability and makes optimal use of the precious resource that is wood. The three layers are glued with formaldehyde-free white glue; the wood is also finished with VOC-free, natural oils.

As part of our LPC line, we offer selected products that are manufactured under the highest environmental standards and 100% free of harmful substances. The wood itself is obtained without exception from FSC®-certified resources.

mafi planks can be used as flooring, wall coverings, or ceiling cladding. We also offer matching stair treads, table tops, and window sills. Small furniture or other shapes can also be produced on request.


It is important to know the origin of a product

The mafi brand originated with a family company in Schneegattern, Austria. The Fillafer family has been doing professional wood processing at this location for over 100 years. At the beginning, around 1919, there was still a sawmill and a small farm on today's company premises. Later, mafi made artistic wood paneling and finally high-quality hardwood flooring.

Early on, even at the height of the love for varnished surfaces, mafi decided to take a more natural way forward. With oiled surfaces that dry in the air, mafi made a clear difference in the market early on. This technique originally comes from Scandinavia, but mafi made it useful to larger quantities of wood available in Central Europe.

This was followed by a rapid rise based on innovations that combined resource use and added value for our customers. These includes dark, natural oak colors in contrast to tropical woods and the manual optimization of knots and cracks in order to make these aspects of the tree's natural grown more attractive to the market. Finally, we gained international attention by starting to use ash as an alternative to oak, which was under serious threat of becoming overforested.


We think transparency is the key to the future of high quality products

Transparency and honest communication about production methods, the ingredients we use, and the expected life of our products.

There are lots of products on the market that bear sustainability labels, but, after a  closer look, one is often left wondering what exactly makes them sustainable. We insist on taking this look and letting others ask us questions, too.

We don't want to claim any exemption from such queries. Such a development has been a long journey with many intermediate steps and goals. Nevertheless, our direction is clear: we believe and show every day that economic success is not in opposition, but in harmony with nature.

It just makes business sense to make optimal use of the available resources over the long term and to pay attention to waste or reject products.

We firmly believe that customers who are satisfied with mafi floors for decades and then pass them on to their heirs is a better mark of our success than 10 quick sales of a worse product that has to be replaced after just a few years. 

We firmly believe that the future lies in repairs and not in new purchases.

And we firmly believe that more and more people will rank quality and longevity above consumption and fast pace.

That is why we go our way, with as much time as it takes for a good product without being old-fashioned or slow: just responsible and organized. mafi natural wood floors are produced on demand within four days once we receive your order.


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