Thank you for your interest in mafi natural wood floors. Samples reveals a lot about a wooden floor, much more than a quick glance will tell you. Let us tell you what really matters when it comes to high-quality natural wood floors.


“Take a peek behind the top layer - quite often, quality is only revealed underneath.”

This sandwich structure is responsible for the board stability. Humidity, the laying method, and underfloor heating affect the wood, and may create joints in which dirt can collect.

Our symmetrical structure, with the same wood and the same initial thickness on the top and back layers, acts like a counter-tension and provides the necessary stability. The spruce center layer rotated by 90° provides additional support.

Therefore, you may lay on underfloor heating or leave out expansion joints within the rooms without any problems.


“You must hold real wood in your hands to truly understand”

Feel the difference. At mafi, you can feel real wood - uncompromised and honest. In addition to the pleasant feel, this surface offers many advantages:

  • stays always at body temperature
  • is antistatic
  • can be repaired locally
  • purifies the air
  • improves the indoor climate

The surface is finished with natural oils and then air-dried. The oil is drawn into the wood, avoiding the formation of an unnatural layer between people and wood.


“Transparency is the tool for honest and high-quality products of the future.”

mafi natural wood floors are made of wood, white glue, and natural oils - and nothing else. The wood comes from sustainable forestry in Europe. The white glue consists of vinegar, water and lime and is 100% formaldehyde-free.

We use VOC-free oils based on linseed oil for finishing. None of these substances have any negative effects on animals or humans. Rather the opposite. Thanks to the open-pored surface and moist care, the room climate is also improved. This helps people with asthma and allergies and generally supports the ability to concentrate and well-being.

That is why mafi is the only wooden floor in the world to be certified by the National Asthma Council in Australia.


“The smell of wood has been proven to lead to more well-being and relaxation.”

Feel free to smell your sample. You smell wood and no chemicals at all. That is also part of our product.

The pores of the wood open up, especially after moist care, and the drying water transports a subtle wood smell into the room - a small forest patch right inside your home.

This is made possible by the completely natural surface and the deliberate avoidance of chemical accelerators.


“Ask about the exact origin of the wood - it's no minor matter! The future of humanity is at stake!”

Wood is a renewable resource. However, wood or trees are also the cheapest and easiest way to boost CO2 storage capacity.

Trees cool our planet, clean the air, and are simply a pillar of our planet. As a wood processing company, you must be aware of your role.

So, we made some choices:

  • we only process wood from Europe
  • the wood comes from sustainable forestry
  • we process the whole tree
  • we minimize waste through innovations and our own pellet production
  • we create domestic alternatives to tropical wood with the mafi Vulcano technology


“The types of laying are specific to each building project - our joints keep all options open for you.”

Our floors are laid with a tried and tested tongue-and-groove joint.

mafi boards should be installed by professional floor layers. The boards feature tongue and groove on all sides for endless installation. Installers can use special tapping blocks and a hammer - weighing at least one kilogram - by way of  tools.

The hammer should only hit the tongue but never the top layer. The mafi joint is particularly stable and allows several laying types including floating, partially glued, all the way to full surface glued.


Our samples are much more than just a piece of wood. They say a lot about the quality of the product and convey the look and feel on first sight. They are also a good basis for comparison with other products.

But samples also face limitations, because, all in all, they remain a small section of a board. By themselves, samples cannot give you a comprehensive impression of the play of colors of natural wood or the representation of all knot sizes and variants.

To that end, it is advisable to check our catalog, go to mafi.com or - even better - visit a mafi showroom. We would be happy to advise you on the right showroom in your area or arrange a consultation appointment for you directly.


“A foray through the mafi portfolio.”

Our Surface Box ZAHA shows highlights from our portfolio in a small format. On 10x10 cm tiles it is ideal for a first overview. See, smell, feel - trust your senses when looking at our wood samples and recognize the difference.


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