The Chevron

In contrast to herringbone, Chevron flooring (also known as French herringbone) is installed at a 45° angle and cut on a miter. mafi also offers a variant with a 60° angle, which makes the angle shallower and creates a room-expanding effect.

What sets this installation style apart is the many parallel, converging planks in a V-shape, which visually enlarges the room and gives it an individual character. In conjunction with natural light, it creates an exciting variation per row of installation.

The mafi Chevron planks are a modern classic that revitalizes the traditional installation technique and can be seamlessly combined with modern interior design concepts.


Benefits and Characteristics

  • Available in different lengths and widths as fixed dimensions
  • Generally, large-format dimensions
  • Two angle options to choose from: 45° or 60°
  • Prepared: 50% with a tongue on the left side and 50% with a tongue on the right side
  • Opens up spaces or accents hallways
  • Different light refraction due to opposing grain patterns
  • Ideal for modern or classic living concepts
  • A more modern and fresher appearance than the classic herringbone.



OAK Clear Chevron 45°


OAK Clear Chevron 45°

Peakini farm house

OAK Vulcano Medium Carving Chevron I

Julius Blum GmbH

OAK Clear Carving Chevron I


OAK Clear Carving Chevron I


OAK Clear Chevron 45°

Chevron 45°

The arrangement of planks at a 45° angle and the associated miter cut create clean lines and a modern design. Subconsciously, the human eye perceives the planks as arrows, which can reinforce the direction of movement or the direction of incoming light.

Overall, it creates a unique installation pattern that is perfect for classic interior design concepts. Playful, opulent, and curvaceous pieces of furniture, such as those known from the Baroque era, combine exceptionally well with French herringbone. However, even modern design concepts are currently placing a strong emphasis on Chevron flooring.


Chevron 60°

Chevron planks open up the space. With our 60° variant, the angle of the planks is shallower, creating a broader and more generous design. Particularly in open floor plans, Chevron 60° planks offer a new sense of lightness and a fresh interpretation of a design classic.

The wider and longer mafi Chevron 60° planks are an invitation to think about fresh, new design concepts, moving away from the repetition of the familiar.


Carving Chevron

The Carving Collection is characterized by an exceptional fusion of the natural wood structure and graphic design.

Chevron I was inspired by the French herringbone look and convinces both architects and installers with its graphic design. The lines of the Chevron pattern are directly carved into the oak planks. With the matching counterpart, the popular installation pattern is created.

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