Renaissance of a classic

The Herringbone

Herringbone parquet is one of the most traditional and popular types of hardwood flooring, and rightfully so! No other flooring option brings such elegant lightness and, at the same time, a traditional ambiance to a room.

Herringbone parquet can be found in numerous historic buildings. This classic among hardwood floors is experiencing a resurgence, whether in modern or traditional settings.

At mafi, we focus on large-format planks that provide every room with a sense of size and spaciousness. Our range includes options from oak to ash. However, as a manufacturer, we also offer custom solutions to meet individual needs.


Benefits and Characteristics

  • Available in different lengths and widths as fixed dimensions
  • Generally, large-format dimensions
  • Two angle options to choose from: 90° or 77°
  • Prepared: 50% with a tongue on the left side and 50% with a tongue on the right side
  • Opens up spaces or accents hallways
  • Different light refraction due to opposing grain patterns
  • Ideal for modern or classic living concepts



OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90°

Hotel Schloss Mönchstein

OAK Clear Herringbone 90°


OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90°


OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90°


OAK Vulcano Medium Herringbone 90°

Herringbone 90°

An arrangement at a 90° angle visually resembles the bones of a fish's skeleton, after which it was ultimately named. Rows of two parquet strips each are laid to meet at their tips.

A zigzagging pattern creates a unique and distinctive look in the space. The full effect is especially pronounced in large spaces, making it suitable for both residential and commercial areas in search of a timeless classic in a modern style.


Herringbone 77°

Upon closer inspection: subtle yet fresh, our new Herringbone 77° planks present themselves. Unlike our 90° version, the appearance of the 77° planks breaks away from the supposed perfection of the right angle and introduces a contradiction between form and repetition.

Our mafi Herringbone 77° variant, in its overall appearance, retains its familiar calm and tidy flooring surface, but the smaller angle creates a unique accent.

The planks appear somewhat more linear and provide the room with added depth, emphasizing its length. The design is a mix of the classic herringbone installation method and a reinterpretation with larger dimensions from a new perspective - quite literally.

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