Designed for the Spectacular


Boards made from beech wood generally have a rather calm surface appearance since they have few knots and a very uniform grain pattern. Because of their fine pores, they serve as the perfect raw material for the mafi collections Fresco and Carving.


Advantages & Characteristics

  • Appearance: Spectacular through milling
  • Knots: Few, small knots
  • Grain: Calm and consistent
  • Resilience: Extremely stable, Brinell hardness: 34 N/mm²
  • Length: 2400 mm
  • Width: 185 mm
  • Thickness: 16 or 19 mm
  • Formats: Planks
  • Origin: Sustainable forestry in Central Europe
  • Usage: Suitable for both residential and commercial projects

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An Overview of our Natural Beechwood Floors

The barefoot experience:

BEECH Vulcano Fresco 

The planks in our BEECH Vulcano Fresco Collection are ideal for barefoot areas thanks to their milling in various shapes. Wave patterns, dots, or the 3D diamond design provide a stimulating foot sole massage.

Due to these features, the Fresco Collection is often used in wellness areas or bathrooms.

The designs on the beech wood range from Duna, through Rombo to Punto.

Selected Products
Selected References

Hotel Auersperg

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

Design hotel Laurichhof

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto

Kasteel De Cellen

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Rombo

Bell's Fine Clothing

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Duna

Villa Oberfeld

BEECH Vulcano Fresco Punto
Extravagant & High-Quality:

BEECH Carving Club I

Our Carving Club I is also made on beech wood. The checkered design is an eye-catcher on the floor and wall. In a high-quality style, a natural wood floor that is not everyday is displayed.

As a manufacturer, we also have the capability to implement custom customer designs on our planks.

Room example for mafi natural wood
Selected Products
Selected References


Carving Club I


Carving Club I

Origin and Distribution

Beech trees are native to Central Europe. They are an important wood for furniture construction and are also used as structural timber. Their high flexibility is a distinguishing feature. They can grow up to 45 meters in height, and the diameter of the trunk can reach up to two meters.