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The Swiss stone Pine, also known as the Arolla pine, is one of the softer wood species that feels very pleasant and velvety on the skin. For this reason, it is often used in bedrooms, guest rooms, or relaxation areas.

Another bonus point is its pleasant scent, which even offers health-promoting properties.


Advantages & Characteristics

  • Optics: natural & lively
  • Knot pattern: larger, recurring knots
  • Grain: simple yet lively grain
  • Resilience: Softwood, Brinell hardness: 12 N/mm²
  • Length: 2000-5000 mm
  • Width: 120-300 mm
  • Thickness: 16 and 19 mm
  • Formats: planks Origin: sustainable forestry in or around Austria
  • Use: suitable for less frequented areas

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Scented Beauty:

The Swiss Stone Pine

Swiss Stone Pine wood features a variety of knots and impresses with its lively grain and friendly coloration. Due to the pronounced formation of annual rings, occasional sapwood content, and the darker knots, the surface appears vibrant and authentic. The impressive dimensions of up to five meters also create a sense of spaciousness.

According to a study conducted by the research organization Joanneum Research based in Graz, it has been confirmed that Swiss stone pine wood contributes to demonstrably better sleep quality. The components of Swiss stone pine wood slow down the heart rate and promote relaxation.

Selected References


Swiss Stone Pine


Swiss Stone Pine
The Swiss Stone Pine, The Tree

Origin and Distribution

The home of the Swiss stone pine is the high Alpine region of the Alps, where it grows at elevations ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 meters. It thrives in cold, harsh environments, withstands temperature fluctuations, and even survives in long-frozen soil. Despite the sometimes challenging conditions, it can reach an impressive age of up to 1,000 years or more.


The Swiss Stone Pine and it’s

Effect on Humans

Pine promotes our general well-being: Natural, oiled pine wood not only offers a pleasant scent but also contributes to an overall improved well-being, enhances circulation, harmonizes, and reduces sensitivity to weather changes. Pine wood can also neutralize unpleasant odors.

Studies conducted at the Institute of Genetics and General Biology at the University of Salzburg have shown that pine wood exhibits a high antibacterial effect. Therefore, food items are especially well-preserved in pine containers.