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New products 2023

Alternative to 90°

Herringbone 77°

On the famous second glance: subtle and yet new, our new Herringbone 77° planks reveal themselves. Unlike our 90° variant, the appearance of the 77° planks breaks away from the presumed perfection of the right angle, introducing a contradiction between form and repetition.

Our mafi Herringbone 77° variant appears, in its overall look, as a familiarly calm and tidy floor surface but adds a distinctive touch with the smaller angle. Depending on the installation direction, more uniformity is achieved in the overall spatial effect.

Herringbone 77°


Herringbone 77°


Alternative to 45°

Chevron 60°

Our new Chevron variant with an angle of 60° complements our existing Chevron format of 45°. With the larger angle, the planks appear even more expansive and create a better visual width effect. Especially in open space concepts, Chevron 60° planks bring a new sense of lightness and reinterpret a design classic.

Chevron 60°


Chevron 60°


With black contrast


The milling penetrates the top layer, revealing the black core layer as a contrast. An additional longitudinal milling of the gaps with subtle grooves enhances the space-expanding effect of the planks. The clear, linear design is ideal for elongating room heights and accentuating areas in the interior.

Noble and understated


Named inspired by the wine label designation 'Reserve' for particularly high-quality wines, this variant offers a restrained appearance. The subtle milling deepens the top layer without penetrating the core layer. This creates an alternating image between the refined top layer and the second layer, interspersed with fine grooves.

Light show at its finest


Optical illusion, elegant design, and a play with light – our mafi Hexagon installation pattern is unrivaled in its wealth of facets. From the six individual pieces, a hexagon is formed during installation, creating a 3D effect on the surface and lending incredible depth to the floor area.

Similar to parquet flooring, the pattern appears extremely generous and significantly enhances both open and clearly defined spaces. The reflection of light is particularly intriguing. Depending on the viewing angle, the planks shine in different color nuances, creating an exciting overall picture.

Noticeably different

ASH Fresco Sabbia

The Ash Fresco Sabbia is an ode to the naturalness of wood. It combines material diversity, innovation, and tactile design.

As an equivalent domestic alternative to oak, ash is a promise for the future. The Sabbia Fresco design is milled at a 90° angle to the grain with recurring waves, giving the planks a completely different appearance depending on the viewing angle and light exposure.

The Ash Fresco Sabbia is available on both Uni Ash and Ash Vulcano Medium, providing a light option from the Fresco collection.

two profiles

stair nosings

The mafi stair edges provide a simple and sleek solution for covering stairs. Especially in existing buildings and renovations, existing stairs can be enhanced with mafi planks and our stair edges for a high-quality appearance.

Profile G is used for the installation of a step and riser variant, while Profile H suggests a solid step appearance.

The stair edges are offered to match the respective mafi natural wood floors and are produced together. The construction is also symmetrical, ensuring optimal stability.

Stair edges are only available in packs of two. The length is 2400mm per stair edge with a width of 32 cm. The thickness is either 16 or 19mm and must be coordinated with the floor thickness.