Floors that exude a good mood: light, natural wood planks from mafi

mafi natural wood floors convince not only with their tremendous stability and health-promoting properties, but also an impressive color spectrum, ranging from very light to almost snow-white.

Light natural wood floors have a number of advantages:

  • Each room automatically appears larger and wider; this is especially true for small spaces.

  • Rooms with less daylight still appear welcoming.

  • Infinite number of possible combinations: light floors match strong or very dark color choices just as well as light tones.

In order to achieve light shades on natural wood planks, the surface is either oiled white and/or lye-treated or natured in a deep white. Naturally light types of wood are refined with colorless natural oil.

What sets mafi apart from other wooden floors in this area is the natural, silky-matte surface, which doesn't artificially change the wood's surface, but instead highlights the unique character of the respective wood species and leaves the plank's pores open. In addition, mafi does not use any artificial or chemical additives.

1. Raw Wood Look + Natural Oil

Natural oil

The natural warm tone of the wood is further highlighted when treated with colorless linseed-based oil. This finish puts the wood's grain at center stage. What remains is a pleasant feel without an annoying greasy film. The wood retains its open pores and feels pleasantly warm on your bare feet.

The Raw Wood Look

With the raw wood look, the planks are also supplied with nourishing fats, which penetrate deep into the wood and strengthen it from the inside out to make it resistant to stains. Yet the raw wood plank appears to be untreated because the warm color tone of the plank is not given any further enhancement.

Natural wood planks in natural oiling or the raw wood look put the focus on the naturalness of each individual plank and make rooms look truly cozy.

2. Surface: 1x Natural, 1x White Oil

For those who find the white oil look too cool and the natural oiled look too warm, we recommend that the wood be given one treatment of each.
mafi has developed this wonderful mixed oiling process to create a successful intermediate tone which appears just as inviting as the natural oiling, but is a bit cooler.

The 1x natural, 1x white oil finish is recommended to everyone who wants a cozy flair in their four walls, but a more homogeneous, lighter look.

3. White oil and extreme white oil surfaces

Natural wood floorboards in white oil or extreme white oil surfaces have one thing in common: a modern appearance and a calming character.
Oiling with white and extreme white pigments brightens the floor and creates a uniform appearance without losing the natural character of the wood.

White oil and extreme white oil floors cannot help but create a good mood. They are especially suitable for light and airy room concepts that convey a sense of space.

4. Deep-white natured surfaces

Whether soft coniferous woods such as larch or fir or sturdy oak and ash, the deep white, natured surface always comes across as extremely inviting and exudes a very special charm.
The lightest surface in the mafi portfolio fits every furnishing style. Whether with a dark interior or in-your-face bold colors, these floors make creating exciting contrasts particularly easy. The deep white, natured floor looks particularly good in combination with the trendy Scandinavian style, which thrives on delicate pastel and gray tones.

Regardless of whether it's a personal style or a trendy look, the almost snow-white natural wood floors from mafi make every space truly inviting with an extra portion of lightness and good spirits.

5. Lye-treated and white oil surfaces

In order to consciously counteract the warm color of coniferous woods such as larch and Douglas fir, once can also leach them and then apply white oil. The leaching of the natural wood planks prevents the lightened surface from yellowing and the white oiling leaves a very homogeneous overall appearance without appearing artificial.
The result: a wooden surface with only few color differences and a modern, cool color scheme.

Due to their soft wood fibers, softwood floors feel particularly pleasant when barefoot: the feel and the look are equally inspiring.

Real natural wood floors are a healthy choice for your living space

Finishing each plank with natural oil nourishes the wood down to every fiber.
Oiling not only provides the wood with valuable fats which not only make it robust against stains and superficial damage, but also preserve its natural open pores.
This is because the linseed-based oil does not seal the wood like lacquers and waxes, but instead allows the surface to continue to breathe. What remains is an extremely pleasant feel, especially barefoot.

The natural wood plank also demonstrably contributes to a healthy indoor climate, because its open pores allow the plank to absorb moisture in the room and later release it back into the room.

Easy maintenance and repair of light natural wood floors

Finishing wood with natural oil is the most natural form of wood treatment, because it preserves all the valuable properties naturally found in wood. This is an essential factor that is particularly noticeable when living day-by-day with natural wood floors.

We think wood is ingenious: for example, on a naturally oiled floor, small scratches or stains can be removed without any problems, but without treating the entire surface, as must happen with lacquers or oil-wax mixtures.

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