Dark natural wood floors: from walnut to thermally-treated oak

Dark wood floors are one thing above all else: versatile. Their rich color scheme adapts just as well to a cozy country house style as an exotic tropical style or modern design concepts. mafi offers dark natural wood floors in a wide range of colors and tones that will instantly make every room tremendously comfortable and let it express its unique personality.

Facts about dark to almost black natural wood floors in interior design:


  • Choosing a dark floor creates exciting contrast options for the interior design and color schemes. White kitchen cabinets or a light, cream-colored couch would work particularly well with these floors.

  • Spacious rooms remain inviting because the dark floors are grounded and homey.

  • Another bonus: everyday dirt is far less noticeable on a dark floor.

  • Better for the world's forests: mafi doesn't make its natural wood floors from chocolate-colored to almost black from tropical species, but instead from European walnut or thermally treated oak. This makes mafi floors a sustainable alternative to woods from endangered rainforests.

  • Extrem robust und formstabil aufgrund der innovativen mafi Thermobehandlung "Vulcano".

Whether classically elegant, timelessly modern, or romantically playful, there are many different furnishing styles, all of which inspire us with their own charm. As the largest style element in terms of area, the floor is key to the overall effect of living spaces and the chosen interior design.

But whatever furnishing concept you ultimately opt for, dark natural wood floors will blend harmoniously into the overall scheme. In terms of design and quality, mafi wood floors are winners along the full length of the plank.

1. Fine walnut

Robust walnut: noble and timeless

As one of the hardest hardwoods, walnut impresses with its tremendous robustness. But it is also a real eye-catcher when it comes to appearance. The really special thing about walnut is its elegant play of colors, with chocolate browns alternating with light sapwood to create an exciting surface appearance. The natural oiling emphasizes the noble grain of the plank, while a white oiling creates a more homogeneous and cooler look.

Different color nuances from dark brown to black.

mafi's Vulcano natural wood floors are made from originally light woods and darkened using a chemical-free thermal treatment. The impressive color spectrum of Vulcano flooring ranges from dark caramel tones to rich chocolate browns or even almost black. The naturally light and extremely stable oak planks are thus turned into dark wood flooring with a certain extravagance. Oak Vulcano Medium floors are characterized by a natural play of colors in the lighter brown spectrum.

The name says it all: Oak Vulcano Medium is medium brown, in the lighter range of browns. Their color is reminiscent of caramel or dark honey and is still light and friendly enough to be installed in smaller rooms.

Natural oiling emphasizes the warm color of the wood. White oiling will, however, make the natural wood floors appear lighter with a more harmonious, fresher surface appearance.

Warm, deep dark brown probably best describes the unique color of our Oak Vulcano floors.
The play of colors in the Vulcano oak comes into its own when the floors are laid in a large area flooded with light. They really are like "walking on art." No two planks are alike. Rather, chocolate-colored planks alternate with planks in the slightly lighter segment. A special kind of visual highlight.

The darkest floors in the mafi color spectrum is clearly Nero Oak.

Translated from Italian, Nero ultimately means black.
Granted, Nero Oak is actually not so dark as to actually be black, but the deep, dark brown oak is strongly reminiscent of the color of tropical wenge, one of the darkest woods of all. With Nero Oak, colorful furniture and art really come into their own.

A real eye-catcher and always inviting.

The universally popular larch wood is always impressive with its lively grain and the large number of knots. It exudes a good mood and has a sunny charisma. Its soft wood fibers invite us to walk barefoot thanks to a surface that feels almost velvety. The larch is naturally a light, soft wood. But here, too, thermal treatment can achieve visually exciting, darker results.

Natural oiling emphasizes the warm color of the wood. A white oil finish, meanwhile, will make the larch wood appear a little cooler instead. Particularly original: thermally treated Domino Larch, where a large number of solid larch cubes create an interesting play of colors.

Vulcano Ash: inviting eye-catcher and just as stable

Ash wood can be recognized at a glance: its extreme grain is unsurpassed and is therefore suitable for room concepts that are looking for something special.

Gray or graphite gray oiling gives the ash a modern and homogeneous look that effortlessly blends with other types of wood and every interior color.

Beech in a rich dark brown for creative design

The very elegant dark brown of the thermally treated beech planks is particularly suitable for classic furnishing concepts, as it has hardly any knots or grain.
Milled in 3D, mafi's beech floors impress not only with their elegant look, but also with the way they massage your feet as you walk barefoot on them. The beech quickly becomes an eye-catcher, perhaps even as a wall installation.

The mafi thermal treatment: natural and free of chemicals

In fact, it doesn't take much to achieve a nice, dark shade on oak floors.

The planks are only treated with heat, wind, and water in a specially built drying thermal chamber. This completely chemical-free process produces incredibly beautiful color nuances from medium brown to dark brown to almost black.

Natural wood floors with a trendy tropical wood look are produced from local woods, therefore no need for a guilty conscience. In addition to the deep brown color nuances that are gained through the mafi Vulcano treatment, the plank is automatically even more robust and resistant. From restaurants to bathrooms and open-plan kitchens, they lend every space a venerable framework and, above all, a dimensionally stable floor area.

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