Colour: light red to brown
Appearance: homogeneous
Sorting: quiet
Durability: high (suitable for commercial properties)
Available dimensions: (l x w x t): 2400 x 185 x 16 | 19mm

BEECH has a pronounced swelling and shrinkage behaviour in its original form. Therefore, we only offer BEECH in combination with a thermo treatment. As a result, the wood is stable and significantly reduces the risk of gaps. The thermo treatment is carried out entirely without chemical additives using only wind, water and heat. Combined with the typical mafi three-layer construction, BEECH Vulcano is suitable even for installation on underfloor heating.

The planks have few knots and have a uniform appearance. The fine pores of the BEECH allow for a consistent three-dimensional surface appearance, without rough spots. Therefore, the BEECH Vulcano is used as the base material for the Fresco Collection and for many Carving Designs.