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A special feel: the massaging effect of mafi beech wood flooring

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mafi beech planks with a special look

Beech planks generally have a continuously calm appearance, as they have hardly any knots and a very even grain. Due to their extremely fine porosity, they are the perfect starting material for the mafi Fresco and Carving collections. Despite the fact that these surfaces are engraved or milled to incorporate different structures or patterns into the plank, they remain pleasant on the bare foot, completely without rough spots.


The advantages and properties of beech wood:

+ The beech is extremely stable: Brinell hardness: 34 N/mm².
Beech wood is extremely robust and is therefore suitable not only for private homes, but also commercial properties with high levels of foot traffic.


+ The beech impresses with its homogeneous appearance: the beech has only a few small knots and its even grain makes it not unlike a sea of calm.


+ Beech is easy to care for: by regularly wiping with pure water and wood soap, the wood surface is cleaned and maintained at the same time. The fats contained in the soap give the wood the necessary care it needs to continue to be protected against stains and scratches.


+ Beech wood really catches the eye: with its noble, deep brown color, the beech wood looks very elegant and is therefore predestined for classic furnishing styles. The wooden surface becomes an eye-catcher if you engrave it with striking retro-modern or contemporary patterns.


+ Beech floors ensure a healthy indoor climate: As with all mafi floors, oiling with natural oil leaves the wood surface open-pored, which contributes to a healthy indoor climate. The open pores let the wood continue to absorb and release moisture in the room.


+ Beech planks are dimensionally stable: beech planks are produced  in mafi's typical a symmetrical 3-layer structure: approx. 4 mm running layer, as well as approx. 4 mm backing from the same type of wood, both given the same thermal treatment. The middle layer consists of a flexible softwood layer. Length x width x thickness: 2400 x 185 x 16 or 19 mm

The beech wood has a pronounced swelling and shrinking behavior. These properties, which are not optimal for a parquet floor, are eliminated by mafi's thermal treatment, which gives the wood stability without any chemicals, using only air, heat, and water.

This completely pollutant-free process also gives the entire top layer a beautiful brown to deep brown color, a look that seems for classic furnishing concepts that demand elegance.

The Volcano Dark BEECH from mafi's Select collection is available in natural- and white-oiled finishes. The rich deep brown of the floorboards lends style and dignity to every room and is therefore particularly suitable for classic room concepts.

The floor surface comes into its own particularly well in large rooms flooded with light, where the warm color and the homogeneous grain are particularly effective.

In addition to its refined charm, the Volcano Dark BEECH is also an ecological alternative to the endangered tropical woods that would otherwise be transported from far away. This dark natural wood floor can be combined with a light interior and various light gray or beige tones, which form a contrast to the floor to highlight this spatial effect.

The Fresco collection could also be renamed the "Barefoot Walking Collection," because it impresses with a noticeably three-dimensional wood surface that creates a very pleasant feel on the bare feet.
The Fresco collection features different designs milled into the wooden surfaces that massage your feet each time you cross the room.

Patterns include a Roman design and a dot pattern. The Volcano Fresco Rombo BEECH floor has lots of rhomboids that give your bare feet a pleasant tingle as you cross the room.
The Volcano Fresco Punto BEECH offers a tightly packed dot pattern that offers an equally beneficial massage effect. 

Fresco floors are therefore naturally predestined for use in bathrooms or spas, both at home and in commercial settings.
The structure of Volcano Fresco Arcolino BEECH is much finer than that of Punto and Rombo; it may not be visible at first glance, but you'll feel it when you walk on it.

The Carving collection features planks with innovative surface designs that can be installed on walls or floors to immediately catch the eye.
Various classic and contemporary patterns ranging from classic checks to floral ornaments can be engraved on the wooden surfaces.

The customer can also get creative, too, because mafi also offers the option of engraving individually created designs on the surfaces. This would then give the wooden surface a very personal touch, something which will be of particular interest for corporate customers seeking to incorporate part of their brand identity into the design.

Beech floors, like all mafi floors, are made with a symmetrical three-layer structure. About 4 mm of beech wood is used for both the top and bottom layers. The middle layer is made of flexible softwood. The special thing about this plank structure is the way the same type of wood with the same thermal treatment pulls against the top layer, giving the plank tremendous stability.

mafi natural wood floors are cared for with wood floor soap simply mixed with water. The soap simultaneously cleans and maintains the floor with the oils contained therein. Regular wiping is important because it makes the wooden surface resistant to stains or scratches.
Over the years, a beautiful, stain-resistant patina will build up on the floor, making it even more unique.

In addition to the beautiful look and pleasant feel, a naturally oiled floor has even more to offer, as it also contributes to a demonstrably healthy floor. Unlike floors sealed with wax or lacquer, oiled flooring remains open-pored, allowing the wood to breathe and absorb moisture in the room and release it again.

Beech wood is as versatile as it is robust: it has long been used in interior design and is also very popular for furniture making, toys, even kitchen utensils, and hairbrushes.

You could even go so far as to say that beech wood has even gone down in design history. Because of its flexibility if processed under steam, beech can be bent into any shape. This represented a real revolution in furniture making at the time. Probably the most famous bentwood armchair from 1859 is, for example, the Viennese coffee house chair by Michael Thonet, still a true design classic and a sought-after collector's item.

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