Colour: light yellow to almost black
Appearance: from homogeneous to lively
Sorting: quiet - natural
Durability: high (suitable for commercial properties)
Available dimensions: (l x w x t): 1000/1800/2000/2400/4000/5000 x 100/155/185/240/260/280/300 x 16 | 19mm

Oak certainly represents the main raw material of the mafi natural wood floor portfolio. This domestic wood is ideal for processing into parquet for many reasons. The two main factors are the robustness and the colour.

Oak has a relatively high density and hardness. This makes it the ideal wood for intense demands such as in floors. Additionally, the wood moves comparatively little, so the swelling and shrinkage behaviour is less pronounced. Thus, Oak planks with the relevant symmetrical three-layer construction can be installed without hesitation on underfloor heating systems.

The Oak varies in colour from strong yellows to light brown tones. The grain especially impresses due to the interplay between early wood (larger pores) and later wood (smaller pores). Thanks to the mafi chemical-free "Vulcano" thermo treatment, the wood is dried additionally and will darken depending on the intensity. Different types of oil expand the possibilities to change the colour, where the base colour and appearance always come from the wood itself.

Mafi uses the entire tree. There is almost no other wood than the Oak where this can best be seen, as the Oak portfolio ranges from clear to country house style, from designer to cosy Alpine chalet character. Why not take a look for yourself?