Oak - a versatile and robust jack-of-all-traders 

People have long had a strong connection with oak wood, using it as a building material since time immemorial. Whether in shipbuilding or house building, oak's high density and resistance to rot let it grow into one of the most valuable and practical kinds of domestic wood for furniture and interior design.

The reasons for this wood's great popularity in interior applications are on the one hand its extreme hardness and resulting durability, and on the other its optical versatility.
Through various finishing processes, such as chemical-free thermal treatment or natural linseed-based oil finishes, a wide range of looks can be achieved.

This versatility and longevity make oak a much-loved jack-of-all-trades.


Complete advantages and features of Oak country floors at a glance:

+ mafi Oak is exceedingly robust: Brinell Hardness: 34 N/mm².
As one of the hardest timbers, oak can be used anywhere, from single-family homes to business premises with high foot-traffic.


+ Oak is easy to care for: Small everyday mishaps like grease or water stains can be easily wiped up with gentle soap and hot water.  


+ Oak is diverse in appearance: Natural thermal treatment as well as various oil finishes provide a wide range of surface options.


+ Oak wood always works: Its versatile look is perfect for traditional furnishings as well as modern room concepts with Zeitgeist.


+ Oak wood is good for your indoor climate: Because mafi does not seal the wood surface, but instead consciously preserves its open porosity, the floor can absorb and release ambient moisture as necessary. The result is a healthy, livable indoor climate under your own roof.


+ mafi Oak floors are impressive: lengths run up to 5 m and widths from 155 mm to 300 mm. mafi oak planks are manufactured with symmetrical 3-layer construction, with a small bevel on the long side, a top layer of approx. 4 mm, and approx. 4 mm of backing in the same wood. The middle layer consists of pliable softwood.

How best to describe the mafi Basic collection?

How about this: A seemingly infinite range of oak planks in the most diverse dimensions, colors and varieties, all backed by the mafi promise to be as stable, natural, and healthy as possible.

It's really striking just how many differently colored surfaces can be naturally created from oak. In the mafi Basic collection we find oak parquet in traditional warm oak colors as well as an almost snow-white look, from modern gray to dark chocolate tones.

mafi Oak parquet will make any interior decorator's heart beat faster, as the different varieties give the floor completely different characteristics.

"OAK Clear" delights with simple elegance and shines through the oak's characteristic grain alone, which is beautifully accented by natural oil finishing.

You could even say that mafi "OAK Clear" is a tree's filet mignon. Because from all the planks that a tree gives us, we select knotless planks that foster a calm overall picture. "OAK Clear" is a parquet for anyone who wants a floor that never goes out of fashion and knows how to adapt to the times, as well as any interior.

The variety is "Character". As the name suggests, a surface with knots in smaller diameters and only sparse cracks. Like a compromise between the timeless "OAK Clear" and the lively "OAK Country", or in other words the happy medium between two varieties that couldn't be more different.

With "OAK Character," then, you bring home a very special kind of wood. Because on the one hand, the surface image here radiates a coziness called out by the beautiful knot pattern, and on the other a timelessness that comes from the lack of cracks and the typical grain. Any small knots in "OAK Character" are closed with brown putty, beautifully matching the oak's color.

Things are quite different with "OAK Sand": Here, the knots are filled with sand-colored putty, which mellows more than the brown putty in "OAK Character" and therefore blends with the wood surface even more discreetly. The combination of a white oil finish and light sand putties in particular gives this floor an atmospheric and above all consistent overall picture.

The usual approach is to match the color of the knots as closely as possible or to emphasize their dark areas. With Oak Sand we go the other way round and bring into play a color as similar as possible to the wood. This minimizes the knots' overall noticeability.

mafi's popular "OAK Country" floors impress with their vibrancy lent by knots and cracks that are full of character. As a standard, the cracks in mafi "OAK Country" Planks are highlighted with black putty. The resulting contrast, between the light oak color and the dark cracks, creates an intriguing surface image. This authentic variety accents the wood's natural growth all the more clearly.

But Oak Country is not necessarily rustic. A floor is always just the starting-point for a room. The final look is created only by the interior design that goes along with it. Naturally, this floor fits perfectly into traditional room concepts. However, it gets really exciting as a contrast to the modern, minimalist style, which often lacks the warmth one desires. The two together are a perfect combination: a modern, yet cozy home.

If you prefer things a little more discreet, go with "OAK Country Gold". Because here, instead of black putty we use gold-colored filler, which is far less eye-catching and perfectly blends in with the wood's warm oak color.

The color resembles the actual wood tone more and creates a generally calmer overall picture without sacrificing naturalness. A nice side effect: The knot filler only stands out at second glance, but along with the golden hue it does so with a lot of class.

Chosen projects

Oak Molto is available in relatively narrow but mixed widths. This mixing is typical for a country house-style installation. The consistently imposing lengths of up to 2.4 meters create an elegant look, which is broken up only by the lively play of colors.

This variance of natural oak tones results from mixing in planks containing sapwood. As a result, partial sections are to be found on a single board that are much lighter than the rest of the wood. Especially in combination with a white oiled surface, a fascinating spatial picture results. The planks are mostly knot-free and thus appear much quieter than classic oak varieties. 

Oak Molto is also available in the Vulcano style. Due to the innovative and chemical-free heating process, the oak's color play is even more effective.

Vulcano describes a thermal process developed by mafi with the goal of expanding the color palette of lighter domestic woods to include darker shades. The idea was conceived in the heyday of tropical timber overfelling, which mafi wanted to counteract through innovation right from the start.

The thermal process is a gentle wood drying process which, unlike smoking, completely dispenses with chemical additives. The wood is gently baked by just wind, water and heat. As a result, the entire top layer is uniformly colored and shows a light brown, brown, or almost black color spectrum, depending on the intensity.

The Vulcano method is carried out on existing plank designs and varieties. The intensity of the treatment is differentiated into Vulcano Medium, Vulcano, and Nero Vulcano. In terms of varieties, there is a knotty style as well as a country variant.  

mafi's Basic Collection has many more treasures to offer, such as the extravagant "Coral OAK" or the unique "Tiger OAK".

To make "Coral OAK," existing cracks in the wood are reworked by hand, harmonized and then puttied. In "Tiger OAK," the cracks happen by themselves when high heat is briefly applied to the wood. However, the cracks in "Tiger OAK" are not isolated, but numerous, and thus much finer - like tiger stripes.

With "Tiger OAK" and "Coral OAK," there are also different putty colors to choose from: black, gold, or CC (custom color), where the customer can determine an individual color.

We owe our Carving line of parquet floors to mafi's innovative Carving technology, which engraves them all intricately with elaborate patterns. Here for example we find perfectly-shaped ellipses and circles, well-known classics like diamonds and the French herringbone look, and a host of other unconventional or contemporary designs.

So you can see, mafi Oak Parquet is a stylistic jack-of-all-trades par excellence.

Various Finishing Processes for Different Surface Looks

Gray oiling has been a trend in recent years, which matches perfectly with a bright interior and bold colors. Here mafi offers different shades of gray in order to be able to fulfill any desire.

Bright surfaces are achieved with white natural oil. If you like it almost snow-white, you can select either a deep-white natural or extremely white surface.
Pastels, delicate shades of gray or beige go beautifully in combination with the light wooden floor.

On the other hand, oak surfaces finished with pure mafi natural oil, without any color pigments, look very natural. This underscores the oak's inherently warm color. "Naturally oiled" oak surfaces have a noble honey tone, which lends a certain cosiness to any room.

If you prefer a dark floor you might opt for heat-treated oak, whose surfaces have been "baked" to tones ranging from light to dark brown using a completely natural and chemical-free thermal process that employs only heat and water. Various oil finishes from white to natural give the dark wood surface further subtle color nuances and accentuate the wood's beautiful grain without obscuring it.

The linseed-based oil can be left to air dry without chemical additives. The oil has time to penetrate deeply into the wood and gives the surface both a pleasant feel and, above all, the care it needs.


It is precisely this adaptability and enormous stability that make oak parquet so popular. We therefore find it in the cozy living room as well as in the modern loft or chic hotel lobby.

As there are so many different grades and colors of mafi OAK parquet, one can say with certainty: oak wood, it always works.
Interior decorators and designers therefore combine oak parquet flooring with modern, minimalist arrangements as well as traditional or even homey room concepts.

mafi Oak Parquet: Healthy, Livable, Easy to Clean, and Durable

The wood's open, porous surface is essential for a healthy indoor climate, which is why mafi deliberately does not seal our products with paint or wax.
mafi floors can therefore continue to "breathe" – their porous wood surface absorbs ambient moisture and later releases it. The result: A verifiably healthy indoor climate for both humans and animals.

mafi parquet is maintained by wiping with water and wood soap. With this regular care, the floor is cleaned on the one hand and maintained on the other. Over the years, a beautiful and durable wooden surface develops. 

Occasional stains, such as oil or coffee spills, can be easily removed with gentle soap and water. Even scratches or dents can be selectively repaired.

Like all mafi floors, our oak floors are manufactured with sturdy 3-layer construction, with a top layer of approx. 4 mm and approx. 4 mm of backing in the same wood.

This high-quality plank construction guarantees durability and shape stability.

The mafi Standard - our promise of quality

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