Swiss Pine – a Wood that Touches All the Senses

The lengths of mafi's Swiss pine planks are particularly impressive, as they reach up to five meters. Installed along the length of a room, these long planks look especially classy in a natural way and give every room a sense of breadth and space.

As a coniferous wood, Swiss pine, also called Swiss stone pine, is among the very soft types of wood that feels very pleasant and velvety on the skin.

It thus tends to be used in rooms that do not have very heavy traffic. It is installed in bedrooms, guest rooms, or relaxation rooms very often that are usually only entered barefoot or in house slippers.

Another reason why we find Swiss pine in rooms very often where people seek relaxation is that it spreads a very pleasant and even healthy scent and that its natural appearance radiates friendliness and tranquility.

All benefits and properties of Swiss pine at a glance:

+ Brinell hardness: 12 N/mm². As coniferous wood, Swiss stone pine is considered a soft wood. The advantage of this is that the wood surface almost feels like velvet on the skin thanks to its soft wood fibers. Our recommendation hence: Walk on it barefoot.


+ The Swiss pine wood is a soft wood: Thanks to its soft properties, the Swiss pine is suitable for rooms with less traffic, such as bedrooms, guest rooms, or relaxation rooms.


+ Swiss pine is simple: Like all mafi floors, the Swiss pine planks are maintained with wood soap and water. Regular wiping maintains the floor and cleans it at the same time. Occasional stains can easily be removed with hot water and pure soap.


+ Swiss pine in two different surface looks: The Swiss pine wood basically has a warm, sunny color that is particularly emphasized in the "natural" oiling. The "white" oiling in turn reduces this warm color and shows a cooler shade.


+ Swiss pine supports health: Research results have shown that the scent of Swiss pine promotes sleep and lowers people's heart rate. Swiss pine wood takes a whole hour's work off our hearts every night!


+ Sturdy Swiss pine planks: Like all of mafi's natural wood floors, the Swiss pine is made in a high-quality symmetrical three-layer structure. The bottom and top layers consist of approx. 5 mm thick Swiss pine wood. A flexible coniferous wood is used for the middle layer. The counter-pull on the back, which, exactly like the wear layer, consists of the same wood with the same thermal treatment, guarantees dimensional stability and a long lifespan.
Lengths: 2000–5000 mm Widths: 155–300 mm Thicknesses: 16 I 21 mm

The Healing Effect of the Swiss Pine

The Swiss pine parquet is a very special wood because when oiled with natural oil, the natural wood surface is retained with all its benefits and not suffocated by wax or lacquer. But what exactly does that mean?

Since the oil does not seal the pores, the wood surface can still “breathe” and absorb and release moisture back into the room. This property, which is completely natural for wood, is an important factor that contributes to a healthy indoor climate for man and beast. The Swiss pine also includes the substances in the wood that are distributed in the indoor climate.

According to a study by the research company Joaneum Research based in Graz, it was confirmed that Swiss pine wood contributes to demonstrably better quality of sleep. The substances of the Swiss pine wood cause the heart rate to slow down and people to relax. If you enjoy Swiss pine wood in the bedroom, whether in the form of a bed, floor, or wall paneling, you can expect to save up to 3,500 heartbeats every night, which corresponds to a whole hour of work for the heart. But Swiss pine wood can do even more:


But Swiss pine wood can do even more:

+ Swiss pine supports our general well-being: In addition to the very pleasant scent, oiled natural Swiss pine wood gives us better well-being in general, strengthens the circulation, and harmonizes and reduces weather sensitivity. The Swiss pine wood is also able to neutralize unpleasant odors.

+ The antibacterial effect of the Swiss pine: Studies at the Institute of Genetics and General Biology at the University of Salzburg have shown that Swiss pine wood has a high bacteriostatic effect. That is why food is particularly well preserved in Swiss pine bowls.

+ Moth protection thanks to Swiss pine wood: The scent of the Swiss pine, which we humans find extremely pleasant, is a real nightmare for moths and cockroaches. A clothes box made of Swiss pine wood or small bags with Swiss pine chips placed among the clothes can thus work true wonders in the fight against vermin.

Swiss pine wood has a large number of knots and delights the eye with a vivid grain and friendly, sunny coloring. Thanks to the striking formation of the growth rings, occasional sapwood, and the darker knots, the surface appears very vivid, so every room immediately seems cozy and homely. Some broken knots are sealed with putty that naturally is color-matched to the rest of the surface appearance.

The surface of mafi's Swiss pine planks is available in "white" and "natural" oilings.
Finishing with white natural oil results in a lighter, cooler surface that appears somewhat more homogeneous than the Swiss pine in the "natural" oiling.

After all, with the second surface variant, the wood surface is finished with natural oil that does not need any white color pigments. The "natural" oiling emphasizes the warm color of the Swiss pine wood even more and allows the grain of the wood to come into its own.

mafi's Swiss pine planks are not only a highlight in terms of appearance and naturalness but also in terms of sturdiness. As is usual with mafi, the Swiss pine plank is naturally also produced in a symmetrical three-layer structure. The special thing about it is that the same wood is used for the bottom and top layers with the same thermal treatment.

This high-quality design ensures that the strong, equally functioning counter-pull on the back minimizes the natural movement of the wood, thus preventing the floor from cupping or crowning. The wear layer and the counter-pull consist of approx. 5 mm each with tongue and groove for endless laying. Flexible coniferous wood is used for the middle layer. This high-quality plank design guarantees dimensional stability and durability even with impressive Swiss pine planks of up to five meters, even on underfloor heating.

The Swiss Pine and Its History

The habitat of the Swiss pine is in the Alpine high mountains, where the pine grows starting at an altitude of 1500 to 2200 m. It easily withstands cold, barren terrain, fluctuations in temperature, and soils long frozen and reaches a proud age of up to 1000 years and more despite conditions that are sometimes difficult.

Because of its softness, Swiss pine wood has always been preferred for wood carving. Farmhouse or inn rooms have also been embellished with artful Swiss pine wood paneling to bring the pleasant scent home and to reap the many benefits of the Swiss pine wood for our well-being.

The oiled surface also allows for selective repair or local stain removal; even scratches or pressure marks can be treated with hot water. While you always have to treat the entire area of a sealed surface, touch-ups are possible on an oiled wood surface.

The Swiss pine is also very easy to maintain. Regular wiping with mafi's wood floor soap and water cleans and maintains the floor at the same time. Thus, as time goes by, the Swiss pine acquires a beautiful patina that makes the surface robust against stains and scratches.

mafi's Swiss pine in three words: Sturdy. Natural. Healthy.

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