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Walnut is really an impressive type of wood. It’s not uncommon for a walnut tree to reach a height of up to 30 meters and it can live up to 200 years in good conditions. It has always been considered one of the most highly valued woods at our latitudes. Worldwide, the walnut has always been used as a material for furniture or parquet and, due to its stability, is also often used in instrument making. Above all, the characterful grain and isolated sapwood inclusions make the walnut a precious wood.

All the benefits and characteristics of walnut planks at a glance:

+ The walnut is tough: Brinell hardness: 42 N / mm² to 48 N / mm².
Walnut is extremely robust and stable and therefore not only suitable for private use but also for contract use.


+ Walnut is easy to care for: Any stains can be removed very easily with hot water and pure wood soap.


+ Walnut has a special look: Individual branches, light sapwood inclusions and their lively grain make them something very special. mafi walnut parquet is available in white and natural oils.


+ Walnut is a timeless classic: the lively surface appearance of the walnut  lends every room a particularly dignified ambience.


+ Walnut is durable and dimensionally stable: mafi walnut parquet is produced in a symmetrical 3-layer structure with a bevel on the long side and tongue and groove on all sides.  The running layer and the counter-pull are each about 4 mm from the same type of wood. Flexible softwood is used for the middle layer. The three-symmetrical plank structure guarantees stability and durability. Lengths: 1000 mm and 1200 - 2400 mm/widths: 100 mm and 135 - 240 mm/thicknesses: 10 mm and 16 or 19 mm.


The mafi “WALNUT USA” is a very venerable parquet floor with an extremely elegant appearance. Typical for the walnut’s surface texture is the rich brown hue with the lighter sapwood inclusions and the lively grain.

Although the walnut surface has color differences in itself, it does not appear uneasy in any case. Quite the contrary, because it is precisely this special look that gives every room a solid ambience.

Like all mafi natural wood floors, walnut is refined with natural oil based on linseed oil. Here you can choose between white or natural oiling. The warm shade of walnut is further accentuated with natural oiling and the grain of the wood is highlighted. In contrast, the white oil lends the lively surface a cooler and more modern look.

In this refinement step, mafi puts great emphasis on quality. In this way, the biological oil is not only applied to the plank, but also allows the oil the necessary time to be able to penetrate deep into the wood. This ensures that the wood receives the necessary deep care that it needs to be resistant to stains and scratches.

With the mafi “WALNUT USA” plank, you can choose between 1.20 m to 2.40 m long formats, which are either laid on the floor or installed on the wall, and which always cut a good figure. mafi walnut parquet is produced in a symmetrical 3-layer structure, with the back and top layer always consisting of 4 mm of the same type of wood. Flexible softwood is used as the middle layer. The third, lowermost layer acts as a strong countermove, which ensures high stability and greatly minimizes the risk of gaps.

The “WALNUT USA Piccolino” is a plank with a length of 1 meter, a width of 10 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. Due to the lower construction and installation needs, it is therefore very popular for use in the renovation sector.

These dimensions have been chosen very deliberately, because they are laid at 90°, resulting in a particularly beautiful herringbone pattern. Even with conventional laying, however, the result is a wonderfully harmonious overall surface.

The precious walnut is also impressive in the classic table parquet design. As part of the mafi Passato collection, four table parquet options are available. Vintage buildings to modern contrast concepts equally count on this classic, which makes a statement in every room.

Particularly interesting here: playing with contrasts. Because the classic-looking table parquet and its extremely elegant appearance can be wonderfully combined with a puristic, modern interior.

In no time at all, this creates an exciting spatial concept that is second to none.

The classic walnut wood itself blends in well with contemporary materials such as exposed concrete, glass or aluminium and creates an ambience with that certain something.

Walnut parquet is ideal for classic furnishing concepts or if you consciously want a particularly dignified living room atmosphere for your home.

But time and again architects and interior designers intentionally use walnut as a contrasting stylistic element when it comes to extravagant room concepts. Thus we find the walnut expertly orchestrated as a wall element or as a classic herringbone floor, combining it with contemporary furniture and modern building materials.

Walnut in three words: Lively. Classic. Robust.

Another positive effect of the oil is the pleasant feel that remains on the wooden surface without leaving behind a disturbing film of oil. This oil leaves the surface open-pored and is not sealed as with waxing or painting. This results in a demonstrably better indoor climate because moisture can be absorbed in the room and returned to the room.

Of course, the walnut parquet also needs to be taken care of. In order to do so, use mafi wood soap and mix with warm water. The wood is cleaned and maintained on the one hand by regular wiping, because the soap also contains the necessary fats that the floor needs to remain resistant to stains.

In short: diligent cleaners are rewarded with a floor that has a dirt-repellent protective layer and which will continue to impress with its beautiful patina for many years to come.  Should a stain or scratch occur, it can also be treated with wooden soap. However, the soap is used in high concentrations together with hot water. The heat causes the dirt to rise back to the surface or the wood fibres to regain their original structure.

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