The right parquet for every room – from commercial to private

Which parquet matches which room, or in other words can I use any kind of parquet anywhere?

Not every parquet floor is suitable for every area. Many factors such as the resistance of the wood, surface finishing and stress play a decisive role.

The trend in the private sector is clearly in favor of a floor covering for the entire project. This increasingly includes bathrooms and wellness areas with wooden floors. The children's room is also increasingly equipped with high-quality natural wood floors, since children spend a lot of time on the floor. Factors such as toxins, resilience, but also feel and warmth are crucial.

In the public sector, mafi floors are used in hotels, restaurants, medical practices and often in offices. Wood affects all of the human senses, relaxes and promotes well-being. Thanks to their unadulterated surface technology, mafi natural wood floors improve the indoor climate and reduce static electricity from electrical devices.

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