Wood floors for hotels

Wood floors in hotels are heavily on the rise. The areas of application vary from the rooms, to the restaurant or even the lobby. In addition to the high demands, the around the clock operation is above all a challenge.

Guests at a hotel should feel at ease and yes, even feel as if at home. More and more upscale houses are choosing the homely atmosphere of parquet floors. The aesthetic demands must not stand in the way of practicality in everyday life.

Easy cleaning and repairs cannot disturb the 24 hour operation of a hotel.

Here, mafi natural wood floors are ideal and offer simple solutions. So, cleaning and maintenance of wood floors are combined in one work step. Warm water and the matching mafi wood floor soap are enough to prepare the floor for its daily stress. The mafi care oil balm can be applied in addition to refresh especially stressed areas. Repairs can be carried out easily and locally due to the porous and not film-forming surface. Minor damage disappears almost by itself thanks to the wet care.

A mafi natural wood floor also offers a real added value for the individual guest rooms.

The wood, combined with regular care, regulates and optimises the room climate, gives off a latent wood smell and creates a special atmosphere. From a design perspective, there are no limits for the designers. From 3D surfaces, to designer floors up to the installation in bathrooms, mafi floors provide space to create.