Chevron 60°

Our new Chevron version with an angle of 60° complements our previous Chevron format of 45°. The wider angle makes the planks look even more expansive and provides a broader effect.

Especially in open space concepts, the Chevron 60° planks offer a new sense of lightness and reinterpret a design classic.

Herringbone 77°

A real eyecatcher: our new Herringbone 77° planks are subtle, yet with a fresh look. Unlike our 90° version, the look of the 77° planks breaks from the supposed perfection of the right angle and sets a contradiction between form and repetition.

Our mafi Herringbone 77° version presents an overall appearance of a familiar calm and uncluttered floor surface, but adds a special accent due to the smaller angle. In the spatial effect, more uniformity is achieved with the corresponding laying direction.


An optical illusion, a sophisticated design and a play with light – our mafi Hexagon installation pattern is unsurpassed in its many facets. From the total of six individual pieces, a hexagon is created during the laying, which creates a 3D appearance on the surface and lends the floor surface an incredible sense of depth.

Similar to boarded parquet flooring, the pattern looks extremely spacious and significantly enhances both open and clearly defined spaces. The reflection of the light is particularly exciting. Depending on the viewing angle, the planks gleam in a variety of color nuances, creating an exciting overall picture.

Fresco Sabbia

The Ash Vulcano Medium Fresco Sabbia is a celebration of the wood's natural state. It combines material diversity, innovation and haptic design.

As a comparable, domestic alternative to oak, ash is a promise for the future. The Fresco Sabbia design is milled in recurring waves at a 90° angle to the grain, which gives the boards a completely different look, depending on the viewing angle and lighting.

The Ash Fresco Sabbia is available on both Uni Ash and Ash Vulcano Medium and therefore offers a further light option from the Fresco collection.


The milling process penetrates the top layer and reveals the contrasting black middle layer. Further milling of the gaps lengthwise with subtle grooves reinforces the room-expanding effect of the flooring. The clear, linear design is ideal for stretching room heights and accentuating internal areas.



With a name inspired by the "reserve" wine category, signifying particularly high-quality wines, this choice offers a restrained look. The discreet milling process deepens the top layer without penetrating the middle layer. This creates an alternating pattern between the finished top layer and the second wooden plane, which is traversed by fine grooves.

Stair edges

mafi stair edges are a simple and slim solution for cladding stairs. Especially in the area of existing buildings and renovations, existing stairs can also be used with mafi planks and our stair edges for a high-quality look.

The G profile is used for the installation of a tread and riser variant, whereas the H profile suggests a solid tread appearance.

The stair edges are supplied to match the respective mafi natural wood floors and are produced together. The structure is also symmetrical and thereby ensures optimal stability.

The stair edges are only available in packs of two pieces. The length per stair edge is 2400 mm with a width of 32 cm. The thickness is either 16 or 19 mm and must be matched to the floor thickness. 

Trouble Shooter Set

The set contains all the products needed to polish and remove dirt and stains.

The set includes a Spot Stop® grease stain remover in a handy spray can to remove stubborn grease stains quickly and easily. The restorer is used to remove dark spots. The mop cloth is used for polishing and can also be used to working in the products.  The sheepskin pad and polishing fleece in white can be used by hand or with an orbital sander to achieve a smooth and even finish.

The dirt eraser and polishing pad are also included in the set to polish and clean the wood. The accompanying maintenance guide provides tips and assistance for the long-term care of the wood.

All in all, the Trouble Shooter Set is the ideal and, above all, compact solution for the most common challenges you may encounter during the many years you will enjoy with your mafi natural wood floors.


Spray mop handle

Stainless steel mop handle with integrated spray system – also suitable for the Ultraspeed Pro set.

Capacity: 350 ml, sufficient for up to 75 m2

The mop handle with integrated spray system is the perfect choice for the quick and easy cleaning of mafi natural wood floors. The mop is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a spray system that applies the wooden floor soap directly to the floor while you wipe.

Thanks to the integrated spray system, no additional bucket with water and wooden floor soap is required. Instead, the mop can simply be filled directly with a soap and water mixture. Then press the handle to activate the soapy water and spray it onto the floor.

Mop holder, mop pad and soap are not included.


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