From wide planks to panels: natural wood floors from mafi.

Real natural wood surfaces are timeless

When choosing the right floor covering, opting for real natural wood floors is almost a no-brainer. Because they are so stylish and elegant, they go with every furnishing style.

The natural character and comfortable charm of oiled natural wood flooring makes a strong impression in every space. For individual requirements and a touch of extravagance, mafi also offers a wide range of different flooring formats.

The portfolio ranges from extra-wide planks to the finest parquet flooring to classic herringbone and timeless all-rounders.

Oak Country is mafi's wide plank option.
The whole tree is always used for this floor: every knot, every kind of grain, and every crack. Nothing is sorted out. Cracks are filled in either timeless black or harmonious gold. The result: a true character floor with a lively look.

Original and sustainable: do you know how to lay boards with different widths? As a pioneer in terms of sustainability, mafi knows what a treasure  the natural resource wood is and therefore uses every millimeter of the trunk for processing into natural wood planks.
So it is not surprising that the Austrian manufacturer also boasts an ecological solution here: planks of variable widths.

Laying a floor with planks in different widths is not just extremely environmentally conscious. It also transforms any floor into a one-of-a-kind that offers an exciting, varied overall look.


Starting with the imposing mafi wide plank: It measures up to 30 centimeters in width and between four and five meters in length. Already in the Middle Ages, planks in this extraordinary format were used on the floors of palaces, castles, country houses, and churches and have therefore rightly earned their description as palatial. Today, the room-length floorboards are preferably laid in large and open rooms, where they additionally emphasize the spaciousness and generosity of the space. But smaller rooms also benefit from the mafi wide plank. With its extreme dimensions, the plank can stretch the room in all directions and thus make it appear larger.

Thanks to the symmetrical three-layer structure used by mafi, the planks are dimensionally stable and show less swelling and shrinking behavior, which is why they can also be laid over underfloor heating without any problems. Whether it is an old high-rise apartment building or a smaller residential property, whether you're going for a modern ambience or rustic flair, the mafi wide plank is in any case a stylistic choice that can make a real design statement.

But don't worry: even if you only want extravagant wide planks in your home, mafi always ensures that all of the source material is completely used. In addition to the wide planks, even narrower planks are produced from the same trunk. Any remaining material is then processed into high-quality wood pellets. Because mafi always uses the entire tree.


As one of the most popular floor formats, herringbone parquet has a permanent place in the mafi product portfolio. With its striking appearance, no other floor brings such an elegant lightness to the room and at the same time creates an atmosphere full of tradition and history. The floor owes its name to the typical laying pattern: individual strips of flooring are laid at right angles to each other, so that a regular zig-zag pattern reminiscent of the bones of a fish is created.

At mafi, this timeless classic is experiencing a real renaissance: the otherwise usual small format of herringbone parquet has been reinterpreted by mafi and now really impresses with generous and unique dimensions. This creates a traditional natural wood floor with modern features that is ready for use anywhere.


In contrast to the herringbone pattern, is the chevron: With this French variant of the herringbone parquet, the wood elements are instead arranged at a 45° angle. Just like the classic herringbone, chevron floors also look very elegant and noble.

Chevron parquet gives every room a stylish and friendly flair and can be combined to create both classic and modern room concepts.

Regardless of the laying angle, both variants achieve a wonderful effect in interaction with light: the daylight is reflected by the individual parquet strips and thus transforms the floor into a glamorous stage.


Draper parquet once only adorned the floors of palaces and castles and has therefore been rightly called the “queen of parquet.” The floor is characterized by its diverse geometric patterns: diamonds, cubes, and even stars, worked in elaborate craftsmanship. To do this, wood elements of different sizes and shapes are combined with one another and then glued to a carrier frame.

In addition to the geometric arrangement of the wood, different color nuances also ensure the special look of the board. mafi offers its draper parquet in different types of wood and colors: from light oak to the tried and tested Vulcano finish to darker walnut. There are also four different complex patterns available. With its artistic patterns, mafi draper  parquet conjures up an exclusive ambience in any space. So it is not surprising that the historical floor is now also connected with modern room concepts and is also enjoying increasing popularity in the private sector.

mafi offers a total of four different draper parquet patterns: Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D.


There are no compromises when it comes to renovation with the mafi thin plank. The thin plank, specially designed for renovations, is easy to lay and impresses above all with its high-quality plank construction and its numerous format options.

Switching to inferior products during renovations due to a lack of clearance is now finally a thing of the past. Where previously short and narrow planks were used, durable and stable mafi thin planks are now conquering the world of renos. The stable, symmetrical three-layer structure from mafi enables lengths of up to 2.4 m and widths of up to 18.5 cm.

The result: tremendous stability and durability despite the low installation height.


"Everything used to be better." Not quite, because even today the well-known end-grain floor is considered an eye-catcher and an extremely robust floor choice.
Consisting of countless 4x4 cm solid wood blocks that are glued to a parquet mesh, the end grain floor automatically brings extreme stability with it. But not only that - the large number of domino blocks also results in an original and lively surface. Countless annual rings and cubes of different light to dark decorate the floor area.

The solid wood floor Domino also cuts a fine figure as stairs, wall or door paneling.

Due to their extreme robustness, so-called end-grain floors were originally used as flooring in workshops. Today the mafi domino floor is used wherever extreme stress is expected: restaurants, shops, museums or other public areas.


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