Alternatives to oak floors

When it comes to choosing the right wooden floors, oak is often the first choice. This species is valued for being very robust and therefore perfect for floors that come under a lot of stress. Oak also used to be considered easy to obtain, although the high demand for oak flooring has reduced the available supply, making oak more expensive for the end consumer. So it's high time to look for alternatives to the timeless classic and you'll find them at mafi.


  • From beech to stone pine: mafi's wide range of natural wood floors
  • Beech: noble & easy to care for
  • Ash: modern & homey
  • Larch: playful & lively
  • Douglas fir: authentic & natural
  • Spruce: warm & lively
  • Fir: distinctive & cozy
  • Walnut: elegant & durable
  • Swiss stone pine: warm & generous
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From beech to stone pine: mafi's wide range of natural wood floors

In addition to oak, there are eight other wood species from Central Europe that mafi carries in its portfolio of natural wood flooring: ash, beech, larch, Douglas fir, spruce, fir, stone pine, and walnut. The woods inspire with many positive properties and are available from mafi in a variety of attractive designs: from natural grain to finely milled patterns, white oiled, or Vulcano thermo-treated.

Beech: noble & easy to care for

Beech wood has a uniform surface appearance with few knots and a consistent grain. In addition, boards made of beech wood are robust, dimensionally stable, and easy to care for, which makes them equally suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Its deep brown color also lends the floor a particularly elegant look. Due to its fine pores, beech is also an ideal candidate for the mafi Fresco and Carving collections, featuring retro and modern patterns and original textures that will make the beech a distinctive eye-catcher while retaining its incomparably pleasant feel despite the carving.

Ash: modern & homey

Ash is as resilient and robust as oak. The small number of knots gives the flooring an even, modern appearance. The clean lines are further enhanced by the homogeneous surface of mafi UNI ASH. In contrast, the mafi COR ASH is characterized by its fascinating play of colors created by the brown cores of the core ash. With ASH Vulcano Medium we offer a very interesting alternative to our OAK Clear.

Larch wood: playful & lively

As the hardest softwood, larch floors can stand up to every challenge that heavy use can pose. While it used to be the first choice for rustic interior design concepts, it is just as popular in contemporary architecture today. Its playful and lively character creates an exciting contrast to minimalist interiors. Whether traditional or modern, the bright and warm surface of the larch wood create a cozy atmosphere in every room.

Douglas fir: authentic & natural

Similar to the larch, the Douglas fir impresses with its extraordinary robustness. Planks of this type of wood impress with their authentic natural character: the pronounced grain of the Douglas fir is an eye-catcher in itself. Then there is the entire rainbow of colors: almost white for the modern Scandi style or reddish-warm for a cozy, feel-good ambiance.

Spruce floors: warm and full of character

The warm-hearted charm of the spruce will really make your floor shine. The typical coniferous wood grain and its lively knots create a unique look that creates a feeling of hygge in no time, especially in large, light-flooded rooms. Spruce wood is softer and is therefore ideal for use in areas with less traffic. The soft wood fibers give the parquet floor a particularly velvety feel that is a real pleasure barefoot.

Fir: distinctive & cozy

With its distinctive annual rings, fir parquet is not only fascinating in rustic styles, but above lends an extra bit of homeyness to modern spaces, too. The bright color nuances from honey brown to almost white make the room appear larger. With impressive lengths of up to five meters (over 16 feet), the mafi pine planks stretch the floor and create an optical width. The fir tree is therefore an ideal basis for the increasingly popular open living concept.

Walnut: elegant & durable

Noble, stable, and durable: walnut impresses on many levels. Scattered knots, light-colored sapwood inclusions. and the typical grain give walnut flooring an exclusive appearance. The darker brown tones are reminiscent of the noble look of tropical wood, which is why walnut is one of the most valued woods in our part of the world. In addition, walnut is tough: more stable than oak or ash, it can cope with the greatest challenges of everyday life. Under good conditions, the walnut can keep growing and live up to 200 years. The mafi walnut floors also enjoy a particularly long life.

Swiss stone pine: warm & generous

The long planks made of stone pine also give any room a sense of spaciousness. Thanks to its soft properties, the Swiss pine is suitable for rooms with less traffic, such as bedrooms. The stone pine inspires during the day with its sunny color and pleasant walking experience. At night, however, its scent has been proven to support our health: Swiss stone pine promotes sleep and lowers the heart rate.

The right natural wood floor for every space

Whether in a hotel, restaurant, or in your own home, with its large range of different types of wood, mafi offers the right natural wood floors for every area of living and life.

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